Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Search Is On To Replace Megan Fox

Robot to Megan Fox: move, you're blocking my light!

The search is on in Hollywood to replace so-so actress, Megan Fox, in the "Transformers" films. Fox couldn't feel too special, as the very public process is degrading her as very expendable. A number of names have been bantered around, but no solid announcements have been rendered regarding who will be added.

Fox has kept a relatively low profile since the announcement, but she is going to be bombarded with questions about being scandalously fired from "Transformers" when she embarks on the promotional tour for the summer flick "Jonah Hex."

While she is not in the same drugboat as Lindsay Lohan, the downward spiral that could ensue, from being labeled difficult and dumped from a prominent film, is not good for one's career. She underestimated Bay's feelings for her and how much he would take from the object of his affection.

A very credible source who knows way more about what's going on in this case than the Judiciary Report does, informed me that Fox has stayed with her long-term boyfriend, Brian Austin Green, because he helped her when she was a poor actress (she is still a poor actress, but now she has some money) she is very comfortable with him and due to their sex life. Yes, you read that correctly. Sex is one of the main factors keeping her with him.