Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tiger Woods Returns To Golf

Video: Tiger Woods Arrives at Augusta National

Tiger Woods made a return to golf at the Augusta National today, after facing months of controversy, due to a road accident, stream of infidelity stories and a stint in rehab for sex addiction. Considered the best golfer in the world, who is closing in on all-time records, Woods appeared calm, focused, yet somewhat sad.

Video: Tiger Woods Practices for Masters

The Judiciary Report is sure some are not happy he is back, believing his previous troubles had him down for the count and out of contention for the all-time greatest title in golf history. However, Woods is still young and if things go well, can continue to prove himself on the course.

Side Bar: once again, one of his former mistresses, Joslyn James, announced a publicity seeking press conference right after Woods addressed the press and public. It is another bid by James to gain more exposure and shake Woods down for money, via an undeserved settlement. The Judiciary Report is not a fan of this style of law.