Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crazy Legal Defense: Michael Jackson Killed Himself

Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray's latest legal defense, in the death of pop star, Michael Jackson, who died at his hands, has grown so desperate, he is now claiming the crooner killed himself. This is his official defense strategy. Jackson supposedly popped up out of his sleep when Murray went to the toilet and gave himself the fatal jab of the anesthetic Propofol that killed him. Not buying it. Try again.

Dr. Conrad Murray

The Judiciary Report would laugh at this ridiculousness if this case weren't so sad. That story is so implausible, undignified and defamatory to the dead. If I were on the jury, based on that story, I would vote to convict, for insulting my intelligence, as this blatant lie makes it look as though the defense has something to hide.