Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eric Holder Hypocritically Attends Sexual Assault Awareness Month Event

Eric Holder

U. S. President Barack Obama's controversial and frequently slammed U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, hypocritically attended a gathering for Sexual Assault Awareness Month and touted the Department of Justice's Office on Violence Against Women.

I find his appearance at the event hypocritical and disgusting in light of the willful criminal negligence he has displayed in the Aisha v. FBI case, since talking office a year ago, which allowed a terrible situation, where a victim of crime, me, was made to endure even more trauma, when a vile male member of Madonna's Kabbalah cult stalked and approached me on a public street in Downtown Miami, then started making disturbing, invasive statements about me and reached out and tried to sexually assault me.

If I had not quickly moved out of the way when I realized what he was trying to do, that pervert would have succeeded at sexually assaulting me. I was appalled someone would do such a thing under the circumstances, especially in public. Had the FBI and DOJ done their job, that terrible incident would not have happened.

However, that's the kind of confidence Madonna's Kabbalah has in the DOJ and FBI's corruption. In 2005, the FBI and its parent agency, the DOJ, were notified in writing that Madonna and her sick Kabbalah cult have been stalking and harassing me, among other things. I was interviewed twice by the Miami FBI.

They told me to come into their office (Miami FBI), after I sent the formal, written complaint and called to inquire about the status of it. On three separate occasions they said they would investigate the case. They even sent me a letter stating I'm a victim of crime.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

However, when FBI Director Robert S. Mueller found out Madonna and co. have been harassing, terrorizing and threatening me, among other things, in bids at trying to get me to give up the rights to my preexisting, Library of Congress registered, Copyrighted Catalog worth billions (same thing Michael Jackson was killed for - copyrights) he ordered the Miami FBI to do nothing. According to protocol, they are supposed to issue a report on the investigation regarding the copyrights and human rights abuse case, yet they have not, seeking to cover up everything.

I was then told by a very credible source in the know on these matters that Mueller instructed the Miami FBI to drag its feet on my case and let the criminal misconduct and human rights abuses transpiring against me, endangering my life, continue as it has been benefiting Hollywood via ill-gotten financial gains and numerous undeserved awards, for the duplicated and derivative works that have been stolen from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog that contains over 12,500 songs, 1000 movie scripts, movie treatments and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 300 music video treatments, 500 photographs, among other things.

The same credible source informed me that the FBI, on Mueller's orders, illegally opened an investigation into me, with warrantless wiretaps, illegal scanning of my emails, computers and bank accounts, hoping to find some dirt on me worthy of arrest, to deflect the criminal activity Hollywood has been engaging in at my expense, via stealing billions in copyrights from my Catalog and committing unspeakably wicked human rights abuses against me, with the hope it would destroy me.

However, when the investigation into me yielded no negative results, Mueller ordered a cover-up, as he'd violated the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Code via waging a malicious, illegal investigation into an innocent victim of crime, who has been greatly defrauded, having no probable cause to have done so. And that's the kind of dirty animal leading the FBI. One of my responses to this betrayal of my rights, has been exclusive after exclusive, exposing the FBI's misdeeds.


The criminal misconduct transpiring against me has been witnessed by family and friends and digital data, forensic evidence and mobile phone photos bear witness to the fact, members of Madonna's Kabbalah keep invading my privacy, stalking and approaching me. Under the law, this conduct is patently illegal.

They have no excuse or justification under the law to be infringing my copyrights, invading my privacy and following me everywhere, every time I set foot outside the house. It's sick and depraved. They should not be in such close proximity to me and repeatedly.

They should not be approaching and confronting me anywhere, communicating threats on behalf of that madwoman Madonna, but have on many occasions. I have nothing to do with them and want nothing to do with them. Yet they persist in this madness.

Even this past weekend, I went to Tallahassee, Florida with my mom, which is 7 hours away from where I currently live in Miami and a member of Kabbalah got onto the same elevator as me and kept staring at me in this weird way. I didn't realize it until the elevator door had already closed, otherwise I would not have gotten on. If an old couple had not gotten on the elevator when I did, that Kabbalah member would have probably tried to assault me like other members of his cult have done on other occasions.

Kabbalah members have even stalked me into other countries, like my homeland Jamaica and Britain, where some of my forbearers come from.

This persistent misconduct is criminal and constitutes aggravated stalking. Only crazy people do things like that. Yet the FBI and DOJ, who are supposed to prevent crime and uphold the law of the land, have allowed the criminal harassment, stalking and assault to continue, to facilitate copyright infringement of a preexisting Copyrighted Catalog, by parties in Hollywood, such as Madonna.

The proof is there. The witnesses and photos testifying to the crimes are there. The time stamped, preexisting copyrights bear witness to the blatant duplications that have been transpiring in violation of the U.S. Copyright Act and the Berne Treaty.

The FBI/DOJ should be ashamed of themselves for facilitating such crimes, as it is disgraceful and an embarrassment millions are reading about on a regular basis in America and all over the world. But God is on my side. You aren't getting away with anything.

Remarks by Attorney General Eric Holder at Sexual Assault Awareness Month Program

WASHINGTON, April 12 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following are the remarks by Attorney General Eric Holder at the Sexual Assault Awareness Month Program:

Thank you, Tom [Perrelli]. I appreciate your kind words, and, more importantly, your outstanding leadership. Your talent for bringing people together has enabled this administration, and this Department, to deliver on last year's promise to address the causes and consequences of sexual assault with renewed focus, purpose, and urgency.

Of course, these achievements would not be possible without our Office on Violence Against Women, which leads the Justice Department's efforts to raise awareness about sexual assault and to combat these devastating crimes. Since opening its doors 15 years ago, OVW has awarded more than $3.5 billion in grants to some of our nation's most effective victim service providers and programs. This office has been instrumental in helping victims of sexual assault find assistance and empowering survivors to seek justice. It's also created a forum for providers and advocates from across the field to come together and to share cutting-edge research, best practices, and innovative strategies.

Catherine Pierce has been a part of this work from the start. Although she often says that she's witnessed the great progress OVW has made over the years, Catherine has actually helped lead this progress. I'm grateful to her, and I know that OVW's enthusiastic new director, Sue Carbon, looks forward to building on all that this office has achieved. As a former judge myself, I know that, after nearly two decades of service on the bench, Sue will bring a unique and insightful perspective to OVW's work. Her experience and expertise will allow the department to reach new communities, strengthen current partnerships and provide enhanced support for OVW grantees.

I'm glad that so many of our grantees are here with us today. We are honored to support the work you do to heal and empower survivors, to provide hope, to raise awareness, and to improve lives.

Let me also welcome our other special guests who have joined us to share their experiences facing and fighting sexual assault. Their courage inspires us all. And their stories illustrate - far better than I possibly could - the reasons why ending sexual assault must be a priority across this department, this administration and this nation.

We all know what we're up against. Our own research shows that nearly 19 million women and 3 million men have experienced at least one incident of sexual assault. Confronting this reality is difficult. It's often painful. But it's also important. Acknowledging and discussing the prevalence of sexual assault creates opportunities to act, to assist, to educate, and to collaborate.

We should all be encouraged by President Obama's historic commitment to shining a light on this problem and to seeking new pathways toward help, healing and justice. Many of you in this room made the commitment we celebrate, and the progress we've seen, possible. For years, you've given voice to this problem. You've stood up for victims in crisis and communities in need. And you've called for the resources - as well as the leadership - necessary to address and to end sexual assault.

The President's most recent budget is a testament to your efforts -- and to his focus on reversing current trends. For Fiscal Year 2011, an increase of nearly $30 million was requested for our Office on Violence Against Women. The budget doubles funding - from $15 million to $30 million - for our Sexual Assault Services Program, which provides crisis intervention, criminal justice advocacy and support during forensic exams. Funding for civil legal assistance for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault would be increased by $9 million. And, for the first time, the Office for Victims of Crime would set aside $100 million in funds specifically to address violence against women.

These investments are critical. And I will ensure that this department and our partners have the resources necessary to combat sexual assault and bring offenders to justice. This issue is deeply important to me. During a career spent as a prosecutor, a judge and a United States Attorney, I have seen the effects of sexual violence -- in the courtroom and far beyond. I understand how these crimes can devastate lives, families and communities. But I've never been more hopeful about our ability to make meaningful progress in ending sexual assault.

I know this progress won't come as easily or as quickly as we would like. But there's no question that this work is a priority for this administration and for this department. In fact, over the last two months, a dozen members of the department's leadership team have traveled to college campuses across the country to discuss the problem of sexual assault. Not only are they raising awareness about the problem, they're increasing our odds of eliminating it. I'm proud of this work, and I'm encouraged by the new investments we'll make this year. But I also recognize that the Justice Department can't tackle such a challenge on its own. The federal government can't either. Progress will depend on our ability to work together -- with those serving in the field and with our state, local, tribal and community partners.

I'm committed to this progress. I'm proud to count you all as partners in this work of prevention and healing. And I look forward to what we will accomplish together.

Thank you.

SOURCE U.S. Department of Justice