Tuesday, March 9, 2010

FBI Director Mueller Hypocritically Slams Hacking

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

Last week, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, a known racist, went into the U.S. Congress and spewed enough hypocrisy to fill the room in manure.

He sounded the alarm regarding hacking, which saw California company, Google, hacked in China, with proprietary data, such as copyrighted source code and trade secrets, illegally copied from the search giant's private servers and stolen, then corrupted (damaging and or destroying the originals held by the true owner), allegedly by hackers in the Far East, attempting to rob and drive them out of their nation and its marketplace.

It's amazing that when Madonna and co. in Hollywood did the very same thing to me, which you were informed of via a formal written complaint, the domestically and internationally illegal conduct was fine by you, Mr. Mueller, as it facilitated the criminal theft of copyrights worth billions. However, now that it has been done to the FBI's partners at Google, you have a problem with it (Google gives the FBI personal data of users upon request). That's called barefaced hypocrisy and an ugly double standard.


But it proves my point regarding you, Mr. Mueller. You're a hypocrite, who doesn't stand for anything of value. You are a corrupt, spineless, money grubbing, bureaucrat fraud that would bring slavery back if he could, operating under the crooked notion that whites are superior to blacks, hence all the discrimination lawsuits against you.

Side Bar: For over a month, the Judiciary Report's articles were de-listed (removed to stop people from reading it in popular search results) from Google News and Google Blogs, at someone's request, due to the lawful, truthful exposés I wrote against certain people in Hollywood and entities such as the FBI, getting a lot of attention.

Too bad for the requester that the site gets the majority of its hits based on word of mouth and reader referrals. But thanks for accepting me into Google News and Google Blogs, then discriminating against me, to appease criminals violating my rights in Hollywood ect...

Why open it as a blog service available to anyone, then censor people that did not violate your terms of service. Isn't it the same thing you complain the Chinese government is now doing to Google via censorship.

FBI Director: Hackers Have Corrupted Valuable Data

Mar 4, 2010 8:40 pm - Hackers breaking into businesses and government agencies with targeted attacks have not only stolen intellectual property, in some cases they have corrupted data too, the head of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation said Thursday.

The United States has been under assault from these targeted spear-phishing attacks for years, but they received mainstream attention in January, when Google admitted that it had been hit and threatened to pull its business out of China -- the presumed source of the attack -- as a result.

FBI Director Robert Mueller called these attacks a threat to the nation's security on Thursday, speaking at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. "Just one breach is all they need in order to open the floodgates," he said, speaking about the hackers behind these intrusions. "We have seen not only a loss of data, but also a corruption of that data." ...

"If hackers made subtle, undetected changes to your code, they could have a permanent window into everything you do," Mueller said. "Some in industry have likened this to death by 1,000 cuts. We are bleeding data, intellectual property, information, source code, bit by bit, and in some cases terabyte by terabyte."

Researchers investigating the Google attack -- thought to have affected at least 100 companies including Intel, Adobe and Symantec -- say that prime targets of the hackers were the source code management systems used by software developers to build code...

In some cases, hackers moved valuable intellectual property overseas using their victim's wide area networks, and then moved the data from branch offices to outside servers via the Internet, researchers say...