Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FBI Analysts Lied To Convict Innocent People

...Of Crimes They Did Not Commit

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

To illustrate the treachery and corruption that exists at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, several FBI analysts have been exposed by the U.S. Court system as liars that willfully submitted knowingly false evidence, that convicted innocent minorities of crimes they did not commit, sending them to prison for decades.

Why? They are hateful racists and the FBI has an informal arrest quotas, demanding agents solve a certain amount of crimes, lest they get stuck in the FBI gulag and not make it to the executive level of the agency with higher pay and perks.

That is no way to run a law enforcement agency. It is about quality, not quantity. Yes, work at an efficient speed, but knowingly engaging in corruption and throwing innocent people in prison, just to have bodies to meet the quota is criminal and inexcusable.

The job does not offer great opportunities for advancement and there is so much bureaucracy at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. very few of them have clean hands. They done and looked the other way to very shameful things, under poor leadership, that cost innocent Americans and world citizens their lives and in quite a few instances, their health.

It's amazing that President Obama is speaking of "overhauling" everything under the sun in America, from health care to education, yet has woefully and negligently overlooked the FBI, the nation's first line of defense against terrorism and crime, that is the equivalent of a broken lock on the front door of the house that is America.

Suspicions about FBI analysts growing

Sunday, March 14, 2010 - The U.S. attorney's office in the District has found more than 100 cases since the mid-1970s that need to be reviewed because of potentially falsified and inaccurate tests by FBI analysts.

The report, filed in D.C. Superior Court late Friday, stems from an internal investigation by prosecutors after the exoneration in December of Donald E. Gates, who was falsely imprisoned for 28 years for the 1981 rape and slaying of a Georgetown University student.

The review was launched to examine 20 cases in which Justice Department officials questioned the validity of statements made by six FBI forensic analysts who were identified in a 1997 report by the department's office of inspector general...

A database of the FBI analysts names has been created to allow prosecutors to collect and research cases...

But Sandra Levick, chief of the special litigation division for the District's Public Defender Service, said the new report is "troubling" because "the government still does not know the number of people hurt by testimony from discredited FBI analysts, although it was given names beginning in 1997."...