Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Corey Haim v. Michael J. Fox

Corey Haim (left) with best friend Corey Feldman (right)

In looking at the tragic death of former child star, Corey Haim, one is reminded of another Canadian star that made it big in Hollywood, but to less dangerous results, the irrepressible, Michael J. Fox.

Corey Haim and his mom Judy

Corey shot to fame in such 1980's movie classics as "License To Drive" "Lucas" and "Lost Boys." Though he has been engaged, he never married, due to sad situations breaking up relationships.

Michael J. Fox

Haim began using drugs, like most other teen stars in Hollywood and it became a life long struggle, battling said addiction. At times, Haim was alone and the loneliness may have worsened his addiction.

Michael J. Fox, who began acting in his teens, became famous in his twenties for roles in such films as the "Back To The Future" trilogy, "The Secret Of My Success," "Teen Wolf" and Alex P. Keaton on the TV show "Family Ties." Fox reportedly had difficulties with alcohol.

Both men are talented actors, but getting married fairly early (age 26) and having children with wife, Tracey Pollan, may have grounded Fox, centering him and creating a driving force in his life, to want to do better.

As with the early deaths of Hollywood actors River Phoenix, Brad Renfro and Heath Ledger, the passing of Corey Haim is another sad reminder of the pitfalls of fame in tinsel town.

River Phoenix