Thursday, February 25, 2010

Webcam Spying Vice Principal Gives Evasive Excuse

A Harriton High student and her mom speak of the invasive webcam spying

In a carefully worded legal statement, Lynn Matsko, the vice principal of Harriton High in Philadelphia, accused of confronting 15-year-old student, Blake Robbins, with a snapshot taken of him at home, using spyware placed on his school issued laptop, has denied any wrongdoing.

She said and I quote, "At no time have I ever monitored a student via a laptop webcam." I do not like her answer, as it is evasive. She said she did not monitor him at home, which is semantics, as she has refused to explain how she ended up with a webcam taken photo of Robbins at home in his bedroom.

15-year-old Blake Robbins

She can say that, but in the back of her mind, thanks to a lawyer think, "Yes, I did not monitor him in his bedroom, as I am not the school's IT tech, but I was passed the illegally taken photograph of a minor in his bedroom, that was snapped without his permission or that of his parents." 

Robbins father also received confirmation from Lynn Matsko that the school can remotely turn on the laptops, using spyware they installed before handing them out to students.

The school also admitted they have this capability, have used it and now due to a court order, deactivated the spy program, that has the capability to watch students and families in their homes.

Lynn Matsko

Though, the school has admitted activating the spyware to take snapshots of students in different situations, they too are claiming they did not do so to spy. Semantics once again.

It reminds me of America's weed answer to Bob Marley, former President, Bill Clinton, saying he tried marijuana, but never inhaled. If you say so, Bubba. Once again, semantics.


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Lower Merion School Official Says She's Been Tarred in Webcam Spying Case

Posted: Wednesday, 24 February 2010 12:26PM - The Harriton High school assistant vice principal who became embroiled in webcam spying allegations has spoken out for the first time about the case.

Lynn Matsko got special permission from the judge in this case to make a public statement, which has otherwise been under a gag order (see related story)...

The main point of the Lower Merion administrator's nearly six minute statement was to say in her own defense:

"At no time have I ever monitored a student via a laptop webcam."