Thursday, February 25, 2010

Teacher Kills Herself Over Nude Photos On Facebook

Emma Jones

24-year-old British teacher, Emma Jones, committed suicide, after a reportedly sadistic, vindictive ex-boyfriend, Mr. Brayley, posted nude photos of her on the internet website, Facebook, without her permission.

She was working in the Middle East as a teacher, when she found out what transpired on the social networking site, via a colleague at the school, accusing her of prostitution, after viewing the Facebook site.

Overwhelmed, she called her mother crying, then later committed suicide, unable to cope with what was done to her and the fear she would be jailed in Dubai. If her boyfriend is found liable, he should be imprisoned and fined, as this incident has cost Emma Jones her life.

Poor thing. Suicide is never the answer. Some people are wicked enough to want to harm and push others over the edge, but you can't let them win. You have to regain control of your life and keep going forward. Suing them senseless for violating your rights, doesn't hurt either.

The Judiciary Report has consistently maintained, laws need to be enacted, providing serious criminal penalties and fines, to anyone that uploads nude photos and or videos, of another person without their consent, as it is a vile, inhumane invasion of privacy. The whole practice is lewd and vulgar.

British teacher killed herself after naked photos were posted on Facebook

24th February, 2010 - A British teacher found dead in her Middle Eastern apartment killed herself after a former boyfriend posted naked photographs of her on Facebook, an inquest heard.

Emma Jones, who was teaching in Abu Dhabi at an international school, killed herself after fearing she would be jailed over the indecent photos, Mail Online reported.

The 24-year-old is thought to have drunken poisonous cleaning fluid to take her own life. She was believed to have already started packing to return to Britain, as her passport was found in her jeans pocket.

Her mother Louise Rowlands told the hearing about Emma's worry over the Facebook photos. "He put them on her Facebook and she said she was accused of prostitution by a man working at the school', said Mrs Rowlands.

A man working at the school had allegedly seen the photos and Emma feared that she would be reported to Abu Dhabi authorities.

Emma had been working at the International School of Choueifat in Khalifa City since 2008 and she did not get on well with the man who saw the pictures. Her mother encouraged Miss Jones to return to Britain but Emma was convinced she'd be thrown in jail if she tried to leave.

The ex boyfriend accused of posting the photos, Mr Brayley, denies doing so and said he had never downloaded private pictures of her, he told the inquest in Cardiff...