Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Racist FBI

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller (Photo credit: Stephanie Woodrow)

Today, the FBI authored and published a long winded, untruthful article on racism, stating there are tools the agency uses to distance themselves from becoming a Nazi police agency, which is quite ironic, as the Judiciary Report is the website consistently referring to FBI Director Mueller as a "Nazi." Hey, speak as you find, is one of the site's mottos.

This site refers to him as a Nazi for the sole reason, he is a treacherous, corrupt animal that has consistently harassed, defamed, retaliated against and violated the human rights of blacks, Hispanics and Muslims, who are also considered people of color. Mueller has shown openly hostility and racism to civilians and FBI agents of color, which is inexcusable.

The FBI's article is a complete sham, as the Bureau has been sued in federal court by numerous litigants, both civilian and federal agents, for brutality, retaliation, assault, aggravated harassment and racist slurs, against minorities and foreigners.

The FBI is a predominantly white organization, with old, outdated attitudes on minorities. The agency has token minorities it hires to fulfill federal race quotas.

The agency is often blamed as a whole for racial misconduct, because FBI headquarters and their subordinate field office "Agents in Charge" allow the corruption and racism to fester, rather than rooting out the bad apples.

However, if they rooted out all the bad apples, they'd have to get rid of the FBI Director. Furthermore, a Nazi isn't going to get rid of the junior Nazis under him.

Handing out a few awards to minority organizations for PR purposes, then in private FBI meetings and locker rooms saying "Nig*er," "Spi*k," "Ki*e" and "Chi*k" "gorilla" and "monkey" to repeat a few slurs I've been credibly informed, some at the agency are quite fond of using, does not make you a beacon for racial equality.

However, harassing, brutalizing and violating the rights of blacks, Muslims and Hispanics, tells the world who you are as an agency. Actions always speak louder than words.

From the time of Martin Luther King Jr., who the FBI destroyed for daring to correctly preach blacks and whites are equal in God's sight, with each passing decade, to the present, the FBI has engaged in abhorrently racist and abusive conduct towards minorities, under the misguided guise of nationalism.

The FBI's conduct invalidates any claim they could hope to make on racial equality. All one has to do is search the court dockets and the Bureau's blatant racism and harassment towards minorities becomes apparent.

Considering America shall have a Hispanic majority soon, the FBI should enjoy the racist conduct while they can.


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What New Agents Learn from the Holocaust

03/30/10 - Before becoming special agents, students from the FBI Training Academy tour the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. This is the 10th year the FBI has participated in the Law Enforcement and Society program, jointly run by the museum and the Anti-Defamation League.

Every year, the FBI Training Academy graduates about 1,000 new special agents following 20 weeks of intense preparation. In countless tactical and analytical scenarios, the trainees learn how to respond appropriately under the most trying conditions.

But there is also a rigorous moral and ethical component to the training. In a poignant culmination of 21 hours spent defining the line between right and wrong, all new agents are escorted through the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. to see in horrific detail what can happen when law enforcement loses sight of what is right. The program—called Law Enforcement and Society: Lessons of the Holocaust—is a joint partnership between the Anti-Defamation League and the museum...

In one visit on a recent Friday morning, about 50 agents-to-be filed into the museum. Over the next four hours they toured the exhibits—led in some cases by Holocaust survivors—and discussed what separates them from the law enforcement officers in Germany who were systematically co-opted by the Nazis...

The purpose of the program is actually not to compare law enforcement in America today to police under the Nazis, but rather to contrast them. The program highlights the importance of law enforcement as protectors of all people and the Constitution to the safeguarding of our democracy.”...

“They did an excellent job of showing how the law enforcement in Nazi society was complicit,” said Lucas, a new special agent, after the program’s conclusion. “It’s important to try to be aware of all the circumstances around you and make sure nothing's crossing the lines, and remember why we’re really here.”