Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ashley Cole Furious Over Planned Disciplinary Action

Ashley Cole

Reports in the British press indicate, Chelsea FC football player and philanderer, Ashley Cole, is furious at talk of disciplinary action against him, for his sexual indiscretions. He is stating it is unjust in light of the fact, fellow teammate and adulterer, John Terry faced no such action.

Cheryl Cole with a "I can't believe he did it again" look on her face

Cole is wrong regarding this claim for this reason. It was reported he broke club rules by smuggling in a woman to his hotel rooms during away games.

Ashley Cole's wife Cheryl in Los Angeles, California with a "deer in headlights" looks on her face

Former captain, John Terry, was slammed in the press, for going to a teammate's ex-fiancée's house and engaging in adultery with her, in his spare time.

Cheryl Cole returning to London yesterday

This goes beyond football, as any team in any sport, expects players to respect organization established rules, such as not smuggling in women to hotel rooms during away games. Chelsea is not the first to do so.

One of Ashley Cole's several mistresses, Vicki Gough, the secretary for rival team, Liverpool FC

Meanwhile, his wife Cheryl is expect back in London, after fleeing Britain in the wake of the scandal, which has left her feeling humiliated. There have been a number of reports regarding her wanting a divorce, but the most that has been confirmed at this time is a separation.

Cheryl and Ashley Cole in happier times

Angry Ashley Cole ready to go to war with Chelsea

Tuesday 23 February 2010 01.25 GMT - Chelsea's Ashley Cole is believed to be angry at the prospect of the club taking disciplinary action against him.

Ashley Cole intends to fight any disciplinary action taken against him by Chelsea over allegations about his off-field behaviour. The left-back believes he is being victimised by the club, which has summoned him to a meeting this week with the chief executive, Ron Gourlay, and may consider leaving Stamford Bridge.

Cole could face sanctions up to and including the possibility of being transfer-listed, although a hefty fine is a more likely punishment following allegations about extramarital relationships. He is said to feel he is being unfairly singled out after no action was taken against Chelsea's captain, John Terry, for an alleged affair with the former partner of Wayne Bridge which cost the central defender the England armband...