Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Madonna's Underage Son Has Been Drinking And Doing Drugs With Homeless People

Madonna posted a video for the mannequin challenge looking like a deranged lunatic. Her son slammed the crazy looking video on Instagram stating, "I'm glad I don't live there anymore."

As a result of Madonna’s terrible parenting, her 16-year-old son Rocco Ritchie, has spent the past year doing drugs and drinking with homeless people and drug dealers. The negative effects of living with a deranged, evil, abusive mother, has resulted in drug addiction and alcoholism to numb the pain.

Madonna's son has learning disabilities, as does his dad, Guy Ritchie. Madonna's son has repeatedly been frustrated by her cruel and evil behavior via acts such as publicly shaming him on social networking in stating he has no penis, mocking his learning disabilities, as well as repeatedly belittling his dad whom she calls "retar*ed" and "stupid" and "motherf**ker." 

Madonna's son slams her on Instagram after she posts crazy video that is her insane take on the mannequin challenge

It doesn’t help that based on blog reports and items on social networking, Madonna insanely did drugs with her children and drank alcohol with them as well, encouraging this destructive behavior. Most people’s children love them. However, with Madonna it is clear her children despise and hate her. Madonna’s children behave as though they've been held hostage by a madwoman and had to flee the insane asylum that is her home. 

After his drug arrest in London last week, Madonna’s son took to social networking and stated of an item his insidious mother posted on Instagram, “So glad I don’t live there anymore.” The comment has since been deleted, as some of crazy Madonna’s crazy fans began harassing him on Instagram, prompting him to block them. Why is it some people online take it upon themselves to disgracefully search out and harass people’s family members on social networking. What kind of crazy behavior is that. 

Madonna's underage son doing drugs and drinking alcohol under a bridge in London with homeless people in April 2015 at age 15

As the phrase goes, "You reap what you sow." It is quite ironic how lecherous Madonna sought out, hounded, harassed and corrupted the minds and lives of then young, up and coming stars, such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and Chris Brown, for her Kabbalah cult, extracting money from them for the sect (that misused it) and leeching off their newly found popularity, hoping to inject life into her faded, dying career.
Said young stars became violent, agitated, clinically depressed and mentally ill from the sect's abusive behavior and brainwashing, to the point they became drug addicts and alcoholics roaming the streets in a despondent, troubled manner (said stars have all been ruled mentally ill by the courts, via psychologists' mental evaluations and subsequent reports). Now the same has befallen Madonna's children Rocco in London and daughter Lourdes in New York, who are now addicts as well, who repeatedly roam the streets looking troubled, despondent and high. The same thing has befallen Madonna's children, just like all the young lives she ruined with her madness in that cult.

A photo of police arresting Madonna's son for drug possession

It also reminds me of Bernard Madoff (and as many of my longtime readers know, I have referred to Madonna as the music industry's Madoff, as she's stolen everything she has in her possession). Madoff callously and gleefully stole billions of dollars from innocent people and squandered the money on luxury living. When the truth came out that he was running a ponzi scheme, two investors committed suicide.

Madoff expressed no remorse over their deaths or any of the thefts, bragging and smirking that his victims deserved to be robbed. Madoff was prosecuted and sentenced to life in prison. Madoff's son, so humiliated and despondent by the public shame and hatred his father had brought on them by stealing, committed suicide and in the presence of his small son. Just as Madoff had driven two investigators to suicide via his actions, the same thing befell his son. 

Madonna's son Rocco takes a swipe at his mum's mannequin challenge as he states he's 'glad he doesn't live with her' amid his drugs scandal 

Published: 07:44 EST, 27 November 2016 | Updated: 08:23 EST, 28 November 2016 - Rocco Ritchie has publicly announced how happy he is that he no longer lives with his mother, Madonna. In an Instagram post which has since been deleted, the 16-year-old made a comment about Madonna's recent video completing the mannequin challenge around a dinner table with friends. 

'So glad I don't live there anymore,' came Rocco's cutting remark. Rocco doesn't live here anymore! Madonna's son takes a pop at his mother's mannequin challenge announcing he's 'glad he doesn't live with her' amid drugs scandal. Cutting: Rocco Ritchie has publicly announced how happy he is that he no longer lives with his mother, Madonna.

This sparked a series of Madonna's fans to contact him via the social networking site, in an attempt to reach out to the troubled teen. When the fans asked why he was making unkind remarks, saying to him that the dinner 'looked like a lot of fun', he replied with laughing emojis. He then proceeded to block said fans, after which he removed his comment; the original video has also since been removed.

Tough time: Rocco, 16, whose mother is Madonna, was arrested after neighbours reportedly saw him 'smoking or doing drugs' and called the police. The bitter remark comes amid Rocco's arrest on suspicion of cannabis possession last week. Although the mother and son relationship has been fraught of late, with Rocco claiming he would rather live with film director father Guy Ritchie in London, the pair had seemingly reconnected. This social media exchange suggests the contrary, however...