Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Madonna's Son Could Be Deported From Britain If He Continues With Criminal Behavior After Arrest In London For Drugs

Many people online are stating if Madonna was their mother they would be crazy and on drugs too, as she is awful

Rocco Ritchie, the mentally ill, drug and alcohol addicted 16-year-old son of crazy pop singer, Madonna, was arrested by police in London for drug use and possession. Previously, he was observed engaging in marijuana smoking and underage drinking, which are both criminal offense in Britain and his native America.

Police saw him smoking marijuana with another boy, but he tossed the drugs over a wall when the authorities approached. However, police found marijuana residue on his clothes. A search of his bag turned up an additional quantity of marijuana. He was arrested and taken to the police station. He was later bailed out.

Rather than paying attention to her children, Madonna often left her kids behind to chase men and women half her age, who were not interested in her. Madonna's offspring have been raised in a bad environment with underage sex, drugs and alcohol. Gay and straight people in Hollywood made inappropriate motions towards her children, who were and are often high on illegal narcotics or drunk. 

Madonna's kids grew up too fast and without a mother most of the time. Madonna's biological son and daughter are bisexual and have been so for years, due to inappropriate circumstances they were exposed to while in her care. Madonna's daughter had gotten into trouble in school in America a few years ago, often turning up doing drugs, drinking alcohol and engaging in underage sex. 

A photo of police arresting Madonna's son for drug possession. Things just got worse for Madonna's son, the day after his arrest, his girlfriend was seen getting cozy with the son of former football star David Beckham.

A credible source has informed me Madonna has been busy using her son's arrest for publicity, emailing articles to be placed with select publications, turning the incident into stories about her. She is also trying to pin the whole thing on her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, when she is the worst influence on her offspring. 

While Madonna's son was in her care, she allowed him to do drugs and drink alcohol and post photos of it on social networking. The photos ended up on several blogs, as bloggers were alarmed at how drunk and high the then 13-year-old was in the pics. Madonna also allowed him to post photos online illustrating he was engaging in underage drinking of hard liquor in her home.

It has also been stated online that Madonna bragged about taking drugs with her kids. Madonna's children have done hard drugs other than marijuana and are full fledged addicts. They are in danger of overdosing, as they started taking drugs at a young age, are raging alcoholics and have severe mental illness from being in the Kabbalah center cult. They were raised by a degenerate and have seen her terrible behavior up close. It should not be a surprise to anyone that her children have not turned out okay. They are troubled and are unwisely using drugs and alcohol to escape what they have seen and the pain they feel.

Madonna's son was born in America. If he keeps getting arrested in Britain, especially if they catch him with the other hard drugs he has done or he continues to go around being a troublemaker disturbing neighborhoods in acts that turn violent, he could be deported. Both America and Britain have a policy of deporting non-citizens if they commit specific types of crimes.