Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Son Beats Mom Unconscious With Hockey Stick When Her Credit Card Is Declined At Taco Bell


Taco Bell

Mexican food is delicious. Taco Bell knows this, hence the creation of their restaurant chain. 22-year-old Logan Badgley, beat his mom in the head with a hockey stick, after her debit card was declined at a Taco Bell in Memphis, Tennessee. Badgley's mom had warned him in advance that there were inadequate funds in her account, but he took her debit card and used it anyway.

When the card was declined at Taco Bell, Badgley returned home and attacked his poor mother. The blow to the head knocked Badgley's mom unconscious. He hit her with such force it created "a laceration to the head." His mother must be devastated to know he did such a thing to her. 

Logan Badgley
Badgley, who has been charged with aggravated assault, is invoking the inadequate drunk defense, while he sits in jail awaiting a November 1, 2016 court hearing on his case. However, he is what is known as "a mean drunk" and needs to do time for inflicting grievous bodily injury upon his defenseless mother. He needs to learn to be responsible for his actions, to prevent this from happening again.

Badley needs to apologize to his mother. A traumatic brain injury is a serious matter than has damaging long term effects. He also needs to enroll in rehab. He is wasting his life being drunk and is posing a danger to the community erupting in spontaneous acts of violence. Substance abuse is a serious issue and one that has become a problem all over the world.


Man, 22, Denied Taco Bell Batters His Mother

Police: Victim hit over head with a hockey stick 

OCTOBER 24--A Tennessee man struck his mother in the head with a hockey stick after he unsuccessfully sought to use her debit card to purchase food at Taco Bell, police report. Investigators allege that Logan Badgley, 22, argued with his mother Saturday evening “because he wanted her debit card so he could go get some Taco Bell.” Though Badgley’s mother told him “there was no money in the account,” he “took the card anyway and left the residence.”

In short order, Badgley returned to the family's home in Lakeland, a Memphis suburb. The victim told cops that her son was angry because he had discovered the card could not cover his Taco Bell purchase. According to a criminal complaint, Badgley confronted his mother in the garage, where he “grabbed his hockey stick” and struck her on the left side of the head. The blow knocked the woman to the ground, where she lost consciousness...