Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Prince Estate Shuts Down Jay Z’s Cheap Bid To Buy Music Catalog For Far Less Than It Is Worth

This is a follow up to the October 31, 2016 article "Jay Z Tries To Defraud Prince Estate In Trying To Buy Music Catalog For Far Less Than It Is Worth." This week the Prince estate rejected Jay Z's financial offer of $40,000,000, which as stated on the site previously, is well below the value of the late singer's music catalog.
Jay Z has also been illegally streaming 15 Prince albums on his and Madonna's failed music streaming site Tidal. They did so after his death, which was illegal, dirty and sneaky on their part. Prince's estate is demanding payment for the unauthorized use of the music and rightfully so, as the illegal misconduct by graverobbers Jay Z and Madonna, defrauded the late singer's heirs out of money ($750,000).

Madonna (also known as Gollum), DeadMau5, Kanye West and Jay Z at Tidal's ill-fated launch

I don't know why underachieving, untalented people like Jay Z and Madonna keep stealing and or defraud real singers, songwriters and musicians out of their intellectual property. Unintelligent Jay Z and Madonna keep trying to take things that are way above them, that they did not and do not have the acumen to create.

Prior to Prince's death, he repeatedly stated he didn't want his work to be a part of the problem in pop culture. Prince was referencing the violent, misogynistic, depraved entertainment that is damaging people's minds and warping the public's outlook on life. I could just imagine the offensive madness Jay Z and Madonna would do with Prince's music if given the chance. It would be the equivalent of two monkeys taking a paint brush to a Picasso. They have no talent, sense of decency or decorum. People like them should not have the catalog.


Prince's Estate Is Not Happy With Jay Z

This might get ugly.
Published 22 hours ago - The moment that Jay Z had the opportunity to, he put a bid out of $40 million in hopes of getting his hands on Prince's vault of unreleased music, following the Purple One's untimely death earlier this year. Unfortunately, Hov lost the battle over Prince's highly coveted private collection of never-before-heard music, with Universal Music Publishing Group instead gaining control. That being said, the Tidal boss still has the rights to the music that was previously released, which was something that was mutually agreed upon between Jay Z and Prince while Prince was still with us. 

Prince's estate, however, doesn't agree with how the situation unfolded and is reportedly taking action against Hov's decision to allow the music to be streamed on Tidal. Your content will resume shortly. As reported by TMZ, the estate said they will not allow "Roc Nation to exploit any of the intellectual property assets of the Estate." 

According to the report, the estate is calling Jay's decision to have 15 albums from Prince's catalog available on Tidal as "unauthorized," which in short means that Hov may have to now pay up. Additionally, the estate reportedly is aware of the deal that Prince made with Jay Z, but is claiming they haven't yet found proof of a $750,000 payment to finalize the agreement....