Tuesday, November 15, 2016

People Blaming Everyone But The True Culprit For Hillary Clinton Not Being Elected U.S. President


Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine
Many articles in the press, items from members of the Democratic Nation  Committee's management and comments on social networking are questioning who is to blame for Hillary Clinton not being elected President of the United States, due to Donald Trump's sweeping victory. I will tell you who is to blame. Hillary Clinton is to blame. She is her own worst enemy. Clinton has committed so many crimes that were laid bare for all to see. The level of corruption oozing out of Clinton is astonishing. She is the reason she was not elected President of the United States.
Let's take a good look at her campaign:   

The Clinton campaign were asking Christians to vote for a woman who is an abortionist (Donald Trump Leading Hillary Clinton In Top Poll After Third Debate - Clinton Endorses Grotesque Late Term Abortion) and a devil worshipper and has surrounded herself with satanists (Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Campaign Team Are Devil Worshippers).

The Clinton campaign were asking Haitian Americans and Caribbean Americans on the whole to vote for a woman who stole billions of dollars from Haiti at the worst, most vulnerable time in their history, when they needed the money for food, clothing and shelter, with many having lost everything in the 2010 earthquake and again in Hurricane Matthew months before the U.S. presidential election. Days before the election I saw a video of Clinton trying to implore Haitian Americans to vote for her. She had this weird look on her face. All I kept thinking was after what Clinton did to Haiti she better glad she is indoors lest lightening strike her.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz And Donna Brazile Blamed By DNC

The Daily Mail reports that people at the Democratic National Committee are blaming current chairwoman, Donna Brazile and former chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, for conspiring against candidate, Bernie Sanders, in criminal conduct that stole the nomination from him, giving it to Clinton, who was then thumped by Trump in the election.

Polls released prior to the election revealed Sanders could beat Trump. However, power hungry Clinton, who couldn't even beat a then lesser known Barack Obama for the nomination in 2008, thought a second go at the presidency would result in a win. Clinton couldn't even beat a then relatively unknown Obama in 2008, yet they assumed she could trounce Trump, who was already famous for decades and had started a political movement.

Trump in 2016, had become a rock star like Obama had in 2008. They both benefited from starting a political movement. Clinton never had that type of momentum in 2008 or 2016. It was selfish and self-centered for her to conspire to steal the nomination from the more suitable candidate, Sanders.
Wasserman-Schultz and Brazile's conduct is highly questionable, let's ask a very pertinent question, who put them up to it. The answer is crooked Hillary.

Anthony Weiner And Huma Abedin
Some blame the pedophilic sexting scandal of former congressman, Anthony Weiner, who is married to Huma Abedin, Clinton's top assistant and sex partner. However, Clinton hooked Abedin up with Weiner to be her beard, while the two carried on a lesbian affair. Former U.S. Secretary of State, Clinton and Abedin were also criminally careless with classified documents to the point Weiner had files from the State Department in his possession. 

If Clinton had followed government rules and protocols, Weiner would not have had State Department files in his possession...neither would the Communist Bloc (State Department Inspector General Slams Hillary Clinton For Violating Government Rules In Email Hacking Scandal And Covering Up Hacks). Once again, Clinton is to blame. Her security habits are very poor...verging on non-existent.

Matt Drudge and Drudge Report

Some have blamed the Drudge Report for Clinton losing the election. Matt Drudge is a conservative. He, like everyone else, can endorse and promote whomever he wants to throughh his widely read site. Some of you in political circles need to get a grip, as you are quite arrogant to think you should be telling him and other bloggers what to write. It is plain out of order. You are out of line. Some of you lost your damn minds with how far you went trying to force people to write what you want.

Furthermore, Drudge became known for breaking the Monica Lewinsky scandal, regarding Hillary Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton, engaging in sex acts in the White House with the one time intern. After Drudge broke the story, the Clintons became very vindictive and abusive towards him in trying to crush him and his website. The Clintons and their team of private investigators, one of whom is now in prison (Anthony Pellicano), always go too far in attacking people. This only served as fuel and incentive for Drudge to use his site in attempts at snatching the election from Clinton's paws. 

Julian Assange And Wikileaks

Some have blamed the Wikileaks whistle blower website and its owner Julian Assange for Clinton not being elected President of the United States. While I do not agree with hacking, Clinton's deranged behavior towards Assange provoked him to flatten her with document dump after document dump. 

Clinton insanely wanted to drone Assange into oblivion, in a bid at killing him, over government files he posted to the internet without authorization. The files reveal massive criminal misconduct on the U.S. government's part. Clinton is crazy and has no regard for human life to think droning someone was the answer in such a situation. What an insane overreaction to leaked government files.

When Clinton was overridden in her stupid idea to murder Assange via drone, which could have killed bystanders in London, England where he has been ensconced in the Peruvian embassy, she contacted the corrupt CIA and had him framed for rape. They got two women to cry rape. Both women had consented in separate incidents, then AFTER the sex act claim that's when they wanted him to stop. Under global law and basic common sense, stating you wanted someone to stop afterwards, is, like Clinton, crazy. That would mean every woman who got mad at a man after consensual sex, would have the right to cry rape to punish him for cheating on her or lying ect. 

You frame someone for rape and you better believe they will mess up your world the first chance they get. When you decide to hurt someone and take the gloves off regarding them, as Clinton did to Assange, you better be prepared for retaliation that can end up being more than you can bear. Hence the stream of document dumps from Wikileaks that unmasked Clinton as a brazen criminal and corrupt politician. You frame him for rape, he does his level best to take away the thing he knows you want most - the presidency.  

So, if Mrs. Clinton wants to know why she lost the election, all she needs to do is look in the mirror.

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