Sunday, November 27, 2016

Madonna Mad Children

Madonna Has Failed As A Parent

Madonna is a terrible mother and awful, evil human being

Crazy, washed up pop singer Madonna is the definition of terrible parenting. She has exposed her two biological children, as well as her two adopted kids, to harmful situations that induced severe mental illness, alcoholism, drug addiction and underage sex in the teenagers.

Madonna has done illegal drugs and drank alcohol with her kids, in trying to be young and cool, never mind she is just about eligible for Social Security in America and an AARP subscription. This obsession with youth and pretending she is 18, when she is 60, looks crazy and unbalanced. So jealous of her daughter's youth, Madonna put her oldest out of the house at age 16, placing her in an apartment, because men were looking at her instead of aesthetically unappealing Madonna.

Madonna's biological kids have been photographed taking illegal drugs in public. They have also openly engaged in underage drinking in acts caught on camera. They both look like they are in a drug and alcohol haze, wandering around in public like unhappy zombies. People in the industry have noted that like their mother, Madonna's children are rude and crazy.

Mad-onna's kids have been exposed to severe mental insanity via her cult, Kabbalah, whose members have been arrested for vicious acts of murder and assault

Madonna is the head of the satanic Kabbalah Center cult, who are devil worshippers. They promote the Kabbalah, a series of mentally deranged texts they claim is apart of Judaism. However, most Jewish people reject Kabbalah and the Kabbalah Center, branding them sick criminals and crazies.

Jewish people have a saying that if a person studies Kabbalah before age 25 they will go mentally insane (however, it pays to note, all the people studying Kabbalah who are in the public eye are completely insane). Madonna has been insanely bombarding and brainwashing her kids with the Kabbalah Center's mind numbingly insane nonsense since they were preteens. Madonna's children are now completely insane, much like she is in every way, posing a danger to themselves and the public.

Someone like Madonna with a history of abuse regarding children should not have been allowed to adopt kids or have custody of her own who are now firmly messed up (The New York Post reported Madonna choked and beat an 11-year-old boy in New York, whose family sued her over the criminal misconduct and she settled the lawsuit for nearly a million dollars).