Monday, November 7, 2016

Lindsay Lohan's Physically Abusive Relationship Creating Brain Damage

Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov
Lindsay Lohan's physically abusive relationship with millionaire Egor Tarabasov has left her with brain damage and emotional issues. Lohan picked fist fights with Tarabasov and suffered blows to the head in the process. She was also choked to the point of almost blacking out during a fight, which is not good for the brain. Lohan was high during the fights and did not feel the extent of the pain until the drugs began wearing off each time, which only led to more drug use, as has been her habit for many years (even prior to Tarabasov). Excessive drug use in the manner Lohan practices also leads to brain damage. 

Lohan's mother encouraged the toxic relationship because Tarabasov is a millionaire and they want his money, but they are not good for each other. Lohan's career has dried up and she and her mother are heavily in debt. They saw him as the answer to their problems, but the two broke up after a series of fights and Lohan stealing his personal belongings. Lohan has repeatedly provoked him with violence, but that is no reason for him to hit her back. When a man is in a relationship with a woman who hits him, it is best to leave before losing one's temper and trouble striking.