Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Madonna And Katy Perry Antics Cheapening The Election And Demeaning Women

Katy Perry going too far

This month pop star, Katy Perry, did a strange and distasteful video advertisement, attempting to get voters to the polls in support of candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Perry posed naked in the commercial as a pathetic ploy to get people to the polls and voting for Clinton, who is unsuitable to be president.

Following the line of "monkey see, monkey do" unoriginal, untalented, unpopular pop star Madonna jumped on the bandwagon, posting a photo of herself naked and stated she is doing it to get people to the polls and voting for Clinton. The woman is a mindless parrot. However, based on what is written on sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, Madonna getting naked would drive men away from the polls screaming in horror. Men just don't fancy her. It's probably because she has more muscles than they do and looks like a man.

The desperation went to more pathetic extremes, as Madonna went on stage at a show last week offering free oral sex to people who vote for Clinton. How pathetic and trashy. Madonna is the definition of a walking Petri dish and prostitute. So-called feminists like Perry and Madonna set women back hundreds of years, under the premise that females are only good for one thing. A true feminist uses her mind, not her behind.

Madonna grossing people out online

The message they've sent is never mind trying to win an election on intellect and merit. Madonna and Katy Perry have cheapened the election with disgraceful antics that degrade women as mere sex objects incapable of intelligent thought and proper political discourse. If that's all those two have to offer, they need to go sit down in a corner somewhere and stop embarrassing women worldwide. People don't take women seriously who engage in such tacky, imbecilic behavior, making all women look bad.