Monday, October 3, 2016

Lindsay Lohan's Finger Cut Off In Bloody Boating Accident

Lindsay Lohan, has been having sex with millionaire Egor Tarabasov to live a luxury lifestyle, when tragedy struck
Hollywood Illuminati/Kabbalah cult member, Lindsay Lohan, posted an image of a bandaged finger online after a boating accident. Lohan was trying to anchor a boat in Turkey, when things went wrong. The rope attached to the anchor sliced off a third of Lohan's ring finger and dragged her into the water. Her friends found her severed finger on the boat. Lohan was rushed to the hospital and her finger was surgically reattached.

Lindsay Lohan's severed finger before surgery
The drug addicted, alcoholic, fallen star described the whole incident as painful. So hard up for cash is she, Lohan sold TMZ gruesome pics of her severe finger from her hospital bed. The proceeds from the sale of the photos, will be used to buy cocaine and alcohol, to help send her to an early grave. 

Lindsay Lohan's severed finger before surgery
Lohan and fiancĂ© Egor Tarabasov have been constantly arguing and were caught on camera physically fighting each other in August, during an act of domestic violence. Lohan also stated she was pregnant for millionaire Tarabasov, whom she is dating for money. Then, next day Lohan revealed she had lied about being pregnant. Lohan lives a debauched, drug and alcohol fuelled life full of chaos and other self-destructive behavior. 

Lohan's finger was severed an inch above the nail
The public has moved on from her, but she has not accepted it. When you devote your life to debauchery, drugs and alcohol, you risk losing your career as Lohan did years ago. Her refusal to remain committed to rehab has meant she has not gotten her career back.