Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Derrick Rose Accuser Brought Sex Toy To Orgy Then Claimed She Was Raped In Dubious Story

Derrick Rose going into court in Los Angeles, California last week
Multi-millionaire basketball player Derrick Rose has been in court for a bitter trial, as he has been sued by his ex-girlfriend of 20-months (on and off) for gang rape. The lawsuit was filed in 2015, two years after the alleged incident, which is bizarre. Rose's friends Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton are named in the lawsuit as well. What's even more bizarre is 10 additional men are listed as "John Doe" defendants. It lends the impress she is accusing Rose of allowing 12 men to have sex with her without her consent.

Rose and his accuser had a consensual sexual relationship, but he began cheating. Rose's accuser, a gold digger, feared she would be dumped and began making scandalous accusations against him while demanding money. She threatened to sue Rose if he did not pay up. 

Rose's accuser wanted millions of dollars to keep quiet, prompting him to call her bluff. She then sued Rose for $21,500,000, rather than going to the police about the alleged rape. She did not go to the hospital or a doctor to have a rape kit administered for evidence police use to prosecute rapists. She did not even have the standard screening done for sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy.
Rose's accuser also claimed she was drunk, but the athlete stated she had one shot of tequila, did not exhibit the signs of intoxication and sent him lucid text messages during that time period. Rose's accuser also claimed she was drugged, but under cross-examination in court admitted she saw no drugs at the orgy and was not tested for drugs or alcohol after the alleged incident.

Rather than go to police about the alleged rape, she went to a lawyer and filed a lawsuit first, clearly illustrating the entire incident is a cash grab and not about justice. The Judiciary Report already expressed the view last year that Rose's accuser is not being truthful (Derrick Rose Gang Rape Accuser Is Not Telling The Whole Truth And Here's What Truly Happened...). She got vindictive, as her meal ticket would not marry her and was just using her for sex. 

As the case wore along, more evidence surfaced recently undermining the accuser's rape claims. Rose's lawyer recently presented evidence revealing the athlete's accuser brought a sex toy to the incident, referred to as a "sex belt." A series of text messages prior to the alleged incident, illustrates the athlete requested she buy and bring the $269.00 "sex belt" to the orgy and he would financially reimburse her. She had also brought a sex harness to Rose's house as a gift.

A follow up text message that was sent after the alleged rape also shows the accuser texting the athlete demanding financial reimbursement for the "sex belt" and cab fare. She provided her bank account number in one of the texts for him to do so. Rose reimbursed her for the cost of the "sex belt" and cab fare. 

Baller Alert stated this is the woman accusing Rose of rape
A text message that was withheld by the court also reveals the accuser sent Rose an item asking why he did not have sex with her friend she brought to his home, "She was mad at me babe why u have me bring a b***h and u ain't fina f**k her." A rape victim is not going to send that type of text message to her alleged rapist. Nowhere in the text messages after the alleged rape is there any mention of non-consensual sex with anyone. The jury should have been given this information.

First of all, a text message obtained by Rose's lawyer revealed she stated to a friend she brought to the orgy, "I need a very wealthy man. We should go find one" prior to flirting with Rose at a Los Angeles night club. Her friend later came to Rose's defense stating her claims against the athlete are not true. 

She was a gold digger hanging out at places celebrities go to, such as Shutters restaurant in Malibu, though she did not have much money, due to being broke and at times unemployed. She was hoping to meet and marry a rich, famous man. However, they kept using her for sex then casting her aside. If you're willing to have sex with a famous man and bring him other women to have sex with as well, he's not going to respect or take you seriously. Only a gold digger would do that. 

A woman who loves a man would be angry, devastated, heartbroken and jealous regarding other women having sex with him and wouldn't tolerate it. Gold diggers are not phased by the cheating because they are hanging on to live lavishly, get gifts and the money. They could care less about the famous man. Any woman who agrees to an open relationship does not love you (and vice versa) and is hanging around for the money and your fame.

Second of all, who brings a sex toy to a rape. Which victim brings a "sex belt" to a rape. She went there to have consensual sex. The latest evidence cements the fact Rose's accuser is not telling the truth. She has muddied a man's name, casting a rape shadow over his reputation, over something that has all the appearances of a lie. 

Thirdly, Rose's accuser claims she is prudish, but is actually promiscuous. The trial revealed Rose's accuser had sex with two other other famous basketball players on different occasions (Nick Young is one of them). That's hardly prudish. That's called being a groupie. 

This is not fair nor is it right. Women should be very careful throwing the word "rape" around. Rape is a terrible thing that has severely traumatized many women. It's not fair for someone to cry wolf, diminishing the likelihood that real rape victims will be believed when the speak out and destroy a man's name in the process.

Sex Belt
The accuser should face charges and a fine for wasting the court's time and damaging a man's name. It's hard to shake the tag of rapist, because when the man is innocent, there will still be some that believe he committed the crime and engage in abusive behavior against him.

Rose did not love his on and off girlfriend, who is now falsely accusing him of rape. He stated on the stand, "Our relationship was sexual and it wasn't exclusive." Rose was not even jealous when his friends had sex with his on and off girlfriend, because he saw her as a groupie and did not love her. Any man that would pass you around to others does not love you. 

Rose also had another girlfriend in Chicago that his accuser knew about the whole time and the fact he had sex with other women as well, but stuck around trying to get his money. However, when she realized his money would not be hers and another woman would get it via marriage, she became angry.

In closing, male celebrities need to wise up and stop being promiscuous. Some women target male celebrities for their money and to leech off their fame. Decent women do not do that. A woman who loves you won't be asking you for money/gifts or use you because you are famous (name dropping to get what she wants and or using your connections for personal gain). She won't sell you out to the press either, doing sly tell-alls directly or using a third party as her mouthpiece, disclosing your personal business because she didn't get the money.