Friday, September 23, 2016

Oklahoma Police Killing Unarmed Black Man Terrence Crutcher For Having Car Trouble And Looking Like 'A Bad Dude' Is Racial Profiling

Last week four Tulsa, Oklahoma police officers approached stranded, 40-year-old black motorist Terrence Crutcher and it resulted in his death. The unarmed man was trying to restart his stalled SUV, when police arrived after reports of the vehicle blocking the road. However, when a vehicle breaks down, logic would tell you it will block the road, as it needs to be towed. Millions of cars have broken down. It does not indicate something sinister is transpiring.

When police approached Crutcher and ordered him to put his hands up, he did so in the "don't shoot" stance, which is all too familiar to black people in America. Crutcher then slowly walked towards his vehicle and leaned on it. Police officer Tyler Turnbough tased Crutcher. Police officer Betty Shelby opened fire killing Crutcher, who once again, had his hands in the air in surrender. Shelby did not have to shoot Crutcher. The police pilot in the surveillance helicopter recording the incident stated, "This guy is still walking and following commands." This indicates he was following police instructions. However, Shelby claims she felt threatened and killed him. 

Terrence Crutcher has a criminal record, which some are illogically using as justification for him being killed while NOT engaging in unlawful behavior. There are millions of people in America with a criminal record. Police cannot go around as judge, jury and executioner summarily killing people who have paid their debt to society, because the person looks like "a bad dude."
Three armed male officers stood by officer Shelby's side, the motorist (Crutcher) was a safe distance away with his hands up, yet Shelby felt threatened? She shouldn't be a police officer with that hair trigger, jitteriness and fearful disposition. Crutcher is the one who should have felt threatened. You killed an unarmed man for having car trouble and are trying to explain away this murderous madness to the public. Shelby should be indicted, arrested and put in prison for murder. Shelby deserves a good 20-years in prison.

The helicopter pilot stating Crutcher looks like "a bad dude" is suspect. Just say it, he looks black and in your estimation that automatically makes him bad. All the cops saw was a black man and in their eyes black = bad. Many cases have shown that prejudice police officers act with more care around white people they encounter than minorities. I suspect had Crutcher been white, Shelby and company would have treated him differently, assisting him in obtaining help for his car.  

Betty Shelby
I'm not stating all police are prejudice. I'm not stating all white police are prejudice. However, officers like Shelby show their prejudices via their criminal actions against minority members of the public. There is no excuse for this. There should be no place on any police force in America for people who behave in this manner. It shows an absolute lack of  respect for human life. It shows the ignorance and racial profiling some police officers operate under while patrolling the streets with prejudice.

The Oklahoma police have a problem regarding how it treats black people. Last year, Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw was arrested and convicted on charges of sexually assaulting 13 black women while on duty. The New York Times reported, "Mr. Holtzclaw targeted women he stopped while on patrol, singling out poor black victims with criminal backgrounds whose stories would not be believed." Clearly there are police in Okalahoma that are operating under the belief black people's lives aren't worth anything. How else do you explain this madness they are doing to innocent people.

Police helicopter footage of Terrence Crutcher after being shot by police officer Betty Shelby
Racist police officers in America are making the decent cops look bad and on a global scale. Nations around the world have issued travel advisories to their citizens warning them about travel to America due to police killing minorities at a rapid rate (the list of nations is growing). These nations know their citizens are aware of the horrible headlines that have gone worldwide on the subject of innocent minorities being summarily killed by racist police officers in disproportionate numbers. They've issued the travel advisories as a mark of shame in attempts at shaming corrupt police officers in America into desisting with the senseless murders of defenseless people. It's known as name and shame. However, some police officers still don't get the message.

While I do give decent police in America the benefit of the doubt, the corrupt ones like Shelby are making everyone look bad. The articles in global newspapers and on television news broadcasts on the subject are not pretty. When you police the streets, do remember you are representing America and what you do filters out into the world, whether good or bad. 


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