Friday, September 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton Overcharging Poorest Donors Repeatedly Charging Their Bank And Credit Cards

Hillary Clinton

A new report reveals U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been overcharging her poorest campaign donors. Clinton is running a scam in repeatedly charging the cards of her poorest donors small amounts, but it exceeds the agreed upon financial donation. The Observer reported, "Hillary Clinton’s campaign is stealing from her poorest supporters by purposefully and repeatedly overcharging them after they make what’s supposed to be a one-time small donation through her official campaign website."  

For more on Hillary Clinton's money hungry ways please watch the documentary Clinton Cash. Additionally, please read the article "Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan Sends Out Dire Warning About Obama Administration ‘Crazies’ Spending America Into Bankruptcy" regarding the $6 billion dollars that went missing from the U.S. State Department while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton eating some of her favorite foods: pork chops on a stick, a deep fried Snickers chocolate bar and a sugary lemonade drink

Clinton's soul is so full of greed for money and power. It's appalling. How much is enough. If she had all the money in the world she still wouldn't be satisfied. She's ripped off the U.S. taxpayers. She's ripped off several nations in Africa at the expense of poor people. She's ripped off Haitian earthquake victims who are starving, living in poverty and squalor, while Clinton is choking down pork chops on a stick in the most undignified manner and coughing her head off from that rich diet messing with her arteries and blooding clot issues. 

God doesn't like ugly. Considering Clinton's poor health coupled with her advanced age, she's no spring chicken. It's astonishing all the dirty money Clinton has accumulated, which she can't even spend all of at her age. Undoubtedly, she will leave the dirty money to her daughter and grandchildren. However, it's blood money and will do them no good. Inheriting money like that is not a blessing. You need to give your victims back the money you stole from them.


Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Campaign Systematically Overcharging Poorest Donors

Wells Fargo fraud department inundated with calls from low-income Clinton supporters reporting repeated unauthorized charges

09/15/16 2:35pm - Hillary for America processed a total of $94 in unauthorized charges to Carol Mahre’s US Bank account. This follows a pattern in which unwitting donors are charged multiple times, but always for a total of less than $100, which is a key trigger point for banks’ internal action systems. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is stealing from her poorest supporters by purposefully and repeatedly overcharging them after they make what’s supposed to be a one-time small donation through her official campaign website, multiple sources tell the Observer. 

The overcharges are occurring so often that the fraud department at one of the nation’s biggest banks receives up to 100 phone calls a day from Clinton’s small donors asking for refunds for unauthorized charges to their bankcards made by Clinton’s campaign. One elderly Clinton donor, who has been a victim of this fraud scheme, has filed a complaint with her state’s attorney general and a representative from the office told her that they had forwarded her case to the Federal Election Commission. 

“We get up to a hundred calls a day from Hillary’s low-income supporters complaining about multiple unauthorized charges,” a source, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of job security, from the Wells Fargo fraud department told the Observer. The source claims that the Clinton campaign has been pulling this stunt since Spring of this year. The Hillary for America campaign will overcharge small donors by repeatedly charging small amounts such as $20 to the bankcards of donors who made a one-time donation. However, the Clinton campaign strategically doesn’t overcharge these donors $100 or more because the bank would then be obligated to investigate the fraud. 

“We don’t investigate fraudulent charges unless they are over $100,” the fraud specialist explained. “The Clinton campaign knows this, that’s why we don’t see any charges over the $100 amount, they’ll stop the charges just below $100. We’ll see her campaign overcharge donors by $20, $40 or $60 but never more than $100.” The source, who has worked for Wells Fargo for over 10 years, said that the total amount they refund customers on a daily basis who have been overcharged by Clinton’s campaign “varies” but the bank usually issues refunds that total between $700 and $1,200 per day...