Friday, September 9, 2016

Masika Kalysha Slams Rapper Fetty Wap As An Absentee Father (Video)

“Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” reality star, Masika Kalysha, who tried to trap rapper of the moment, Fetty Wap, with a pregnancy, is dismayed once again by his behavior. Initially, Fetty Wap slammed Masika online as a gold digger, who deliberated got knocked up by someone other than himself. He initially denied the baby is his child. When the paternity test came back proving he is the father, Fetty Wap continued to insult her online. 

After a few months, Fetty Wap soften his tone and stated he would be a part of the child’s life. However, nearly a year later, Fetty Wap is still not spending much time with his child. This week during an interview, Masika referred to Fetty Wap as an absentee father. Yea, but the Judiciary Report told you this was going to happen regarding men in his situation not spending much time with their child and publicly disowning the woman who got pregnant in trying to trap them into a relationship/marriage (The Problems Chris Brown And Kyrie Irving Are In Is Proof It Is A Bad Idea Trapping A Man With Pregnancy).

I’ve seen this happen so many times in the entertainment and sports industries, regarding women trapping famous men with pregnancy, then becoming very disgruntled when they don’t want to settle down in a relationship or marry them, nor spend any meaningful time with their child. 

Fetty Wap slammed Masika for trapping him with a pregnancy
Things get even more acrimonious when the famous man starts a family with someone else, which is often the case, because they get resentful when they feel a woman has trapped them with a pregnancy in trying to force a marriage. I’ve seen famous men grow to really resent women who do that, as they often end up causing the break up of a relationship with someone else they actually wanted to keep as the love of their life. 

Some women deliberately get pregnant trying to scare away the competition and end up scaring away the man as well, who becomes resentful over losing the love of their life, due to cheating with a woman who decides to get pregnant without telling him first (by stop taking birth control, not telling him and having sex with him in trying to trap him with a baby).

The moral of the story is don’t trap a man with an unplanned pregnancy. It will not make him love you or stay. You do yourself and your child no favors in doing so. The child ends up paying the most in the long run, via an absentee father and you, a bitter mother, badmouthing the child’s dad. Things become even more complicated if and often when, the man is suddenly not rich or famous anymore. It happens often. 

Fetty Wap 

Some of you take it from the perspective of he’s the hot singer or rapper right now or the top new athlete, so you deliberately get knocked up without telling him, then a short while later his fame and money dwindles or disappears, you’re struggling to pay bills and now have a child with a man you don’t love or truly know. A child should be conceived in love, not for a child support check and bragging rights that often soon fade. Either way, you brought your child into this world, you better take care of the baby.