Saturday, September 3, 2016

Huma Abedin's Husband Anthony Weiner Complained To Mistress She Won’t Have Sex With Him Opting To Spend Time With Rumored Girlfriend Hillary Clinton

Hillary Is Getting All Her Time

Why Anthony Weiner trusts people he doesn't truly know, when he has so much to lose, is a mystery, as woman he sent inappropriate texts and photos sells them to the press, destroying his marriage and jobs. The scandal is also negatively impacting Clinton's presidential bid.
Anthony Weiner, the former congressman and current unfaithful husband of Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, made inappropriate disclosures to the woman he was sending revealing photos of himself in his underwear. The photo that most upset the public is of Weiner in bed in his underwear, the print of his penis clearly showing, as his son lays next to him looking in the opposite direction. The photo was sent via text to the woman Weiner has been exchanging revealing photos with, in a manner that betrays his marriage vows. 

Weiner also went too far in revealing to the woman that his wife no longer has sex with him. This is the second time Weiner has been caught cheating over the internet, which may explain Abedin’s attitude towards him when it comes to sex. That and it was reported in the British press years ago that Abedin is Hillary Clinton’s girlfriend. Rumors have swirled for years in Washington that Clinton is a lesbian. She was also rumored to have engaged in an affair with a bisexual female Hollywood star. Clinton’s own husband is a massive philanderer. 

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin prior to latest scandal
Weiner lost his job with NY1 and a New York newspaper due to this scandal. His name is once again tarnished, after attempts to rehabilitate his public life via Abedin forgiving his previous unfaithful behavior, then the couple having a child. Abedin has separated from Weiner due to this incident. This certainly was not worth his marriage. His little son needs him. I wish people would think things through before they cheat.

Weiner has a compulsion to text lewd images to women not his wife. His life would have been so much easier had he just sent the texts to his wife (LOL). Seriously, Weiner has so much to lose as does his wife, yet he did this again anyway. When a person keeps engaging in destructive behavior that has brought them shame and financial loss, as Weiner has been disgraced twice sexting women he is not marred to, yet the individual refuses to stop, says they have a problem and treatment is needed.