Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton Cancels Another Campaign Stop Over Illness As Crowds Dwindle For Her Public Appearances

Hillary Clinton
U.S. Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has cancelled another campaign stop, as she is suffering from the serious side effects of a blood clot, blackouts and concussions, as well as the debilitating symptoms that accompany Parkinson’s. Last week, Clinton cancelled two campaign stops to rest for four days, after she had an on camera seizure, related to an ongoing blood clot (hematoma) brain trauma that first surfaced in 2010. The video has been viewed by many millions online and caused people to rethink her ability to be President of the United States, as she is clearly sick.  

Clinton was very tired on Saturday due to Parkinson's medication and pain meds, among other pharma drugs
Many of Clinton's interviews and public speeches have been marred by violent, sustained, chronic coughing spells indicative of her poor health. Clinton’s fading health has repeatedly sidelined her for days at a time during the campaign, resulting in the candidate missing important interviews and events. Clinton loves attending fundraisers. Therefore, for her to miss three fundraisers in a week and a half, is an indication of how much her health is deteriorating. 


Clinton and company should not have stolen the election from rival Democrat, Bernie Sanders, who was the better candidate. Sanders could have made his way through the campaign of a nominee far better and without all the controversy Clinton has steadily attracted, due to past government and business dealings that are packed with impropriety.  

There's also the question of popularity. Clinton's popularity has waned. First her book "Stronger Together" flopped last week. This week, Clinton’s most recent campaign stop took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and attracted 200 people. The press is contrasting it with the fact Clinton's rival Donald Trump drew 8,000 people the same day in Estero, Florida. Trump's previous rally in Pensacola, Florida drew 12,000 people. Clinton's rally in Tampa, Florida drew 1,500 people.

Donald Trump said, "Sleep well Hillary. She needs some rest."

Trump has been catching and surpassing Clinton in a number of polls regarding the election. However, as U.S. presidential elections are often heavily contested and other factors sometimes enter the picture, the public will have to wait until all the ballots are cast and counted. Hopefully, everyone that wants to vote will get a chance to do so and their vote will be properly counted. Everyone in America should also abide by the final tally. No more rigging or hacking the vote if it is not to one's liking, as that's not what democracy is about.


‘Sleep well Hillary!’: Trump Comments on Clinton Campaign Break

"She needs the rest!"
September 20, 2016 - GOP nominee Donald Trump is hoping his opponent Hillary Clinton has a nice rest during her days off. On Tuesday, the Republican presidential candidate mocked the former First Lady’s six-day break via Twitter, saying, “she needs the rest.” Trump’s comments come as Hillary’s campaign schedule appeared bizarrely Hillary-less for the next six days with less than 50 days to go before the election. 

Hillary was set to return to the campaign trail next Monday at the first presidential debate, according to, however her schedule was updated to add a campaign stop in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday, September 21. The former secretary of state had already taken several days off in the past weeks after her campaign announced she would rest due to a bout of pneumonia. Trump has made it a point throughout the campaign to call attention to the Democrat nominee’s stamina, or lack thereof... 

PHOTO: Donald Trump Packs Arena, Hillary Draws 200 at Dueling Events
19 Sep 20167 - Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump packed an Estero, Florida arena with thousands inside and more outside for a Monday rally. The News-Press estimated the crowd at more than 8,000 people and the heat at over 90 degrees outside the arena where attendees stood before gaining entrance to the event. 

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton spoke at Temple University the same day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was reportedly attended by less than 200 people. At the event targeted to millennial voters she acknowledged a need to court the youth vote, according to local NBC10 News. Clinton’s campaign launched “Pennsylvania Millennials for Hillary” aimed at showing support for boosting youth economic opportunities and dealing with college debt. 

By way of further comparison, Hillary Clinton held a rally at the University of South Florida on September 6 that drew a 1,500 person crowd, according to the Tampa Bay Times, while a September 9 rally for Trump in Pensacola drew 12,000, according to WTSP10 News.Trump declared that those wanting to come to America must love the United States and Americans during his Monday afternoon rally near Fort Meyers.... 

Clinton held a rally at the University of South Florida in early September that drew a much smaller 1,500 person crowd, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

VIDEO: Hot mic catches Hillary trying to hide more coughing
September 16, 2016 - Despite being back on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton still isn’t well. At the conclusion of a 20-minute speech to the Black Women’s Agenda Workshop in Washington, DC, on Friday, Clinton began coughing. Clinton tried her best to not act like she was hacking by not covering her mouth and holding still. Alas, the hot mic picked it up. As she exited, turning her back to the stage, she could be seen coughing again — and covering it with the hand she uses to shake hands with voters...