Thursday, September 22, 2016

Angelina Jolie Files For Divorce From Brad Pitt Confirming Previous Site Claims About His Cheating

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Actress and home wrecker, Angelina Jolie, has filed for divorce from husband, Brad Pitt, for cheating on her. Jolie cited "irreconcilable differences" allegedly labeling Pitt "bad dad with anger and alcohol issues." Pitt also used illegal drugs. However Jolie conveniently declined to mention she has drug problems, relapses, is a cutter and mentally ill.

Pitt's cheating and the subsequent divorce petition she filed has left bisexual Jolie devastated. However, she put someone else in this situation years ago. In 2005, when Pitt was married to actress, Jennifer Aniston, he met Jolie on a film set and they began an extramarital affair. When the rumors hit the press and internet, a forlorn Aniston was pictured dressed down, walking into a store in Los Angeles. Aniston looked so crestfallen and heartbroken. I felt bad for her. No one deserves that kind of treatment.

Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt in the movie "Allied"
In 2014, after years of living in sin, giving birth to three children and adopting three more, dishonorable Pitt decided to marry his former mistress, Jolie. Fast-forward to this week and now they are getting divorced. Their family unit is completely dysfunctional. In 2012, the Judiciary Report stated Pitt has been cheating on Jolie in the article “Is Brad Pitt Making Excuses Not To Marry Angelina Jolie” stating “There have been credible rumors in Hollywood of Pitt cheating on Jolie, but she has pretended these women do not exist.” 

One of Pitt’s mistresses is said to be Academy Award winning actress, Marion Cotillard (there have been others but it was kept quiet). Pitt has been working with Cotillard in London, England on the film “Allied” and it has sex scenes. You reap what you sow, as this is the same way Jolie cheated with Pitt on a film set while he was married to Aniston. 

Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt in their new movie "Allied." This is just like Pitt and Jolie's "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" with the two having sex scenes and it leading to trouble.
Upon hearing news of the divorce, some online have been stating love is dead. However, love is not dead. With all due respect, what Pitt and Jolie had was not love. It was lust. Then, he got bored, as he always does and cheated again. Pitt is a selfish, self-centered man, who forsook his wife, Aniston, the person he belonged with for life. Jolie is a troubled woman with daddy issues, who stole someone else’s husband. 

Love is sticking to your wedding vows with the one you fell in love with and married. Love is acknowledging to yourselves that your marriage may have a few problems, but you love each other and are committed to working them out. Love is not ditching your spouse to go cheat with the hot person of the moment. Pitt has a long history of dumping women for the next young, famous starlet. Pitt keeps dumping women for the latest star, in what he deems trading up. He is completely disloyal and only in it for fame, money and sex. 

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston got married last year

Jolie was foolish to believe that the man she cheated with while he was married to another, would not cheat on her as well. If you cheated with them they will cheat on you as well. Taking someone else’s husband or boyfriend is not admirable or honorable. It doesn’t make you more attractive or better. It just means you are morally challenged and ruined someone else’s life.

I like to see people happy together and in love. I don’t agree with people cheating. I don’t like when men who are married or in a relationship try to date me. I don’t understand why some women find it acceptable. You should want an available man who is devoted to you. Learn to respect people’s marriages and relationships. Stop going after people who are not available and causing break-ups. What you do and put out there in life, will come back to you.