Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Heavily Sedated Hillary Clinton Could Hardly Respond To New York Terrorist Attack Prompting Massive Backlash Online

Clinton refused to refer to the bombing in New York that occurred this past Saturday as a terrorist attack, though it is similar to the deadly Boston Marathon Bombings. Thankfully, no one died in New York, which sadly was not the case in Boston. 
The term "Zombie Hillary" began to trend on Twitter this past Saturday, as U.S. presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, appeared drugged and out of it when asked about the terrorist attack in New York that left 29 people injured. The malicious attack was perpetrated by Ahmad Khan Rahami, who had become radicalized during trips to the Middle East.

Clinton was very sedated. I’ve seen people on Parkinson’s medication with the same expression. When the dose begins to kick in, it leaves Parkinson’s sufferers sedated, very sleep and moderately able to properly respond to questions. That’s a part of being sick with Parkinson’s and nothing to be ashamed of, but it poses a problem for someone trying to be president. Parkinson’s sufferers sleep 10-22 hours a day due to the medication, as it is quite powerful.