Tuesday, August 30, 2016

‘Southside With You’ Movie About President Barack Obama And First Lady Michelle Obama Flops At The Box Office

And so it continues regarding "How The World Fell Out Of Love With Obama." The Hollywood movie “Southside With You” chronicling the first date of U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, when they were young lawyers at a Chicago law firm in 1989, has flopped at the U.S. box office. The movie, which cost $1,500,000 to make, carrying additional marketing costs of approximately $10,000,000, opened in a respectable 813 theatres, but grossed a paltry $3,100,000 for the week, placing 13th at the box office. It is further evidence of the unpopularity of the president.

The couple have two children, Malia Obama, 18 and Sasha Obama, 16. For the past few weeks the couple’s firstborn, Malia, has generated a massive amount of bad publicity due to publicly smoking marijuana, twerking while exposing half her butt at the Lolapalooza music festival and having to be rushed out of an alcohol fuelled party in Massachusetts that was raided by police. 

Malia’s conduct has caused many on social networking, message boards and in the blogosphere, to question the parenting skills of her parents. Malia’s parents have not publicly spoken about her unlawful behavior, as marijuana possession is illegal in Illinois and so is underage drinking. The Obamas have lectured the American people on how to raise and feed their children, stating their daughters are proper young girls, yet their daughter Malia, has been out in public breaking the law for all to see. 

There are many parents out there who try to set a good example for their kids, but some still make bad choices. However, when you do what the Obamas have done in allowing your underage children to repeatedly consort with drug taking, alcoholic, promiscuous stars such as Beyonce and Rihanna and violent misogynistic rappers such as Jay Z, Joey Bad As*, Pro Era and Bryson you are inviting disaster and disgrace into the midst of your family. You are telling your offspring that people whose example should not be emulated, are role models.

Some are trying to justify Malia’s irresponsible and illegal conduct by stating she is on her way to Harvard. Let me get this straight, because one is set to attend an Ivy League university, one might I add that has a code of conduct Malia is openly defying, one is permitted to criminally break the law via smoking marijuana and engaging in underage drinking. Additionally, invoking the fact the Bush twins illegally drank alcohol while they were underage teens at the White House, as though it somehow justifies and excuses Malia breaking the law as well, when it was wrong on both counts, is a weak argument. 

Please explain that illogical line of reasoning regarding illegal behavior being permissible because someone else did the same in defiance of the law, but due to privilege was not prosecuted like the rest of America would have been for doing the same. The two tier justice system at work again. One set of rules for the rich and another set of rules for the poor.

Some of you possess a base, irrational and blame shifting line of reasoning regarding what is dangerous and detrimental conduct, deemed criminal under existing statutes. It gives pause regarding what your impact on society will be, if you continue to reason away unlawful behavior. Anyone who would encourage a minor to smoke marijuana or engage in underage drinking is defying the law and decency. Not to mention, smoking marijuana and drinking is dangerous for one’s health. But in your infinite wisdom, do continue to encourage underage minors to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol, in defiance of all recognized medical pronouncements (sarcasm). After all, what do those medical and science professionals know, you looked up your opinion on Wikipedia and know more than everybody (sarcasm). 


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