Thursday, August 4, 2016

Malia Obama Dances Suggestively At Lollapalooza Again And Is Branded A 'Hoe' On Social Networking

Malia Obama, the 18-year-old daughter of U.S. President Barack Obama, is in trouble again. Mobile phone camera video surfaced this past weekend of Malia lifting up her skirt and twerking (sexually gyrating) her semi-exposed backside in a pair of tight shorts at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, Illinois. It was inappropriate and ill-advised.


Another video surfaced of Malia on another day at the festival, wearing a halter top and short, tight shorts, while twerking again, dancing in a suggestive manner. Again, this was inappropriate. Malia needs to stop degrading herself. She is the daughter of a head of state. People will hold her to a higher standard. She is an educated young lady, who has been taught how to behave in a proper manner and frankly what she's doing is not appropriate for someone of her stature.


President Obama was seen looking weary and not in a good way after the Malia twerk videos leaked
As a result of Malia's behavior at Lollapalooza, some people on social networking are calling her a "hoe." Once again, this does not fit her stature, but sadly, Malia opened herself up to such labels that do not reflect her educational level or experiences. It did not look right nor is it befitting someone of her stature.


Malia twerking at Lollapalooza

Some are trying to make excuses by stating the twins of former president, George W. Bush, engaged in underage drinking and driving, while in the White House. Well, that was wrong too and dangerous. Some are also invoking the semi-nude and nude photos of Melania Trump, wife of presidential candidate, Donald Trump. I don't like Melania's nude pictures either. It was unnecessary. She is a beautiful woman. There was no need to do that for publicity to raise her profile.


Malia is being criticized online and in articles for her appearance and behavior at Lollapalooza

Regarding Malia, if I had an 18-year-old daughter, I would not want her exposing herself and dancing in that manner in public. Men objectify, disrespect and degrade women who do that. Once again, case in point, people are calling Malia a "hoe" on social networking, when the behavior that goes with that negative title does not fit her stature as the daughter of a head of state.


Malia and two rappers at Lollapalooza

How is it a good thing that Malia is being called a "hoe." Think about that...especially people trying to make excuses over these incidents. I'm not saying she is better or worse than anyone. What I'm saying is people hold individuals like her to a higher standard and she needs to observe that and carry herself in the appropriate manner.

Malia is trying to be like singers Beyonce and Rihanna, who routinely engage in vulgarity and appear in public semi-nude for attention and in an attempt to sell products. Girls and women now feel they have to completely objectify themselves for attention, to be liked, popular and considered desirable. It's a shame, as it does not validate anyone as a person.

I understand Malia wants to be young, popular and have fun, but she needs to be careful regarding how she goes about it. She needs to rein this in before it truly gets out of control, turning into dealing with the wrong type of man and excess drinking. Make sure the attention you are attracting is not the wrong kind. And currently it is the wrong kind, as it has given rise to people calling you a "hoe." You don't need that. No woman does...