Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton Cheated On Bill Clinton As Well

That man had Hillary Clinton cross-eyed (LOL)
Former U.S. President, Bill Clinton, is known for being an adulterer. He cheated on his wife Hillary Clinton many times, with many women. The most high profile incident of adultery, was with former intern, Monica Lewinsky. It became a very embarrassing scandal for the cheaters in the 1990s. However, what’s not really known outside political circles is Hillary began cheating on Bill after his infidelities. 

Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton cheated in New York with a man in political circles. She also had lesbian affairs with her body woman, Huma Abedin and a female entertainer in Hollywood as well. The Clintons' marriage has been a sham for years, due to the rampant cheating Bill initiated. It’s not a good look. They only stay together for fame and money (Clinton Cash). They both need to stop the cheating.