Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Donald Trump Vows To Eliminate National Debt In Two Terms As President

Donald Trump
A recent report reveals, Donald Trump, has pledged to eliminate U.S. national debt in two terms, if elected President of the United States in this year's election. Two U.S. presidential terms equals eight years in office. The business mogul made the bold statement while unveiling his economic plan for America. Trump stated he would negotiate trade deals to accomplish this goal. 

Current U.S. President, Barack Obama, has sent the national deficit to a record high of $19 trillion dollars, via wild, unruly, fruitless spending. Obama promised to lower the national debt, but did the exact opposite and to America's detriment. This proves what the Judiciary Report stated all along about America - years of austerity is the way out of the nation's financial problems (as well as solid job creation). 

The U.S. government spends far too much of the people's tax money on things not worthy of the funding. Huge sums of the American people's tax money is tied up in fulfilling crooked corporate promises made in backend deals by politicians and their teams, while they were trying to get into office. Special interests via greedy corporate entities who want to control America has been the order of the day and the American taxpayer has unwittingly underwritten it. 

The Bush and Obama presidencies has been about secret campaign promises in exchange for political favors, regarding rewarding greedy rich people and wealthy corporations, for money they initially fronted up to them during their respective elections. America needs an honest president willing to clean up the dirty deals and say no more.