Saturday, August 6, 2016

Black Lives Matter Slams Hillary Clinton As A Racist Who ‘Showed Black Lives Did Not Matter’

Black Lives Matter Founded After The Murder Of 17-Year-Old Trayvon Martin At The Hands Of Racist George Zimmerman

Hillary Clinton
In an interview with, Black Lives Matter co-founder and spokeswoman, Alicia Garza, slammed U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her role in opening black people to abuses in conduct that, “Showed black lives did not matter.” Duplicitous, racist Hillary Clinton referred to black males as “super predators” and further stated “we must bring them to heel.” 

Alicia Garza
Black men are no more or less dangerous than males of any other race. Clinton’s statements were offensive, ugly and racist. Clinton's statements reflected her prejudices for all to see. She promoted the stereotype of the so-called violent, evil black male, when there are many good black men out there who don't engage in negative activity. Just like there are many good white men out there who stay out of trouble. I'm tired of people judging others by their race, rather than by their actions. There are good and bad people in all races.

Alicia Garza's statements to
Considering there is a Clinton Kill list with many names, Hillary’s conduct led to people dying in Benghazi incident, her nickname on social networking and blogs is “Killary” and she hired Italian-American mafioso Anthony Pellicano to stalk, harass, threaten, abuse and violate the privacy of women and men, she can’t talk. Hillary Clinton is a super predator. Not because she’s white, but due to the fact she is power and money hungry and willing to go to any extremes to get it.