Monday, July 25, 2016

Russian Government Hackers Expose Democrats In Email Hack Leaking Items Revealing Election Rigging And Mocking Bernie Sanders Leading To Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's Resignation

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Hit With Class Action Lawsuit For Rigging Primaries

Bernie Sanders (left) and smug, corrupt, election rigging Hillary Clinton (right)
Last Year, Florida congresswoman and Democratic National Committee chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, attended the Grammys with fellow member of Congress, Sheila Jackson Lee. They were slammed as corrupt for doing so by many on social networking (The Public Slams Democrats In Congress For Attending The Grammy Awards In Twitter Backlash). 

Yesterday, Wasserman-Schultz's corruption came to ahead, when she was forced to tender her resignation, after Russian government hackers exposed her and the Democratic Nation Party, via a hack to their computer systems. 
The whistleblower website Wikileaks, released thousands of emails exposing the corruption, lies, deceit and treachery Wasserman-Schultz and others have been disgracefully engaging in, via an unethical conspiracy to sabotage and destroy the campaign of Bernie Sanders, who was Hillary Clinton's top rival for the nomination. Sanders, who was the far better candidate, saw his bid for the presidency subjected to dirty tricks, lies, smear campaigns and voter disenfranchisement by Clinton and company. Emails reveal Sanders was also secretly being mocked for being a "secular Jew." 

Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Political party chairs are supposed to be impartial. However, Wasserman-Schultz is so corrupted by the Clintons, who promised her political fame and fortune, she secretly conspired with them to get rid of Sanders in very unethical and unseemly ways. Breitbart stated, "Wasserman-Schultz came under heavy fire after an enormous series of damaging leaks helped to reveal what many in the Democratic base suspected: She had rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton to win."
The leaked emails have people on social networking stating Wasserman Schultz helped rigged the primaries to ensure Clinton would win the Democrat's party nomination. It shows complete dishonesty and untrustworthiness. As another consequence of her criminal behavior, Wasserman-Schultz has been slapped with a class action lawsuit for "rigging the primaries."

Hillary Clinton has been running one of the most crooked, corrupt, underhanded political campaigns in U.S. history. Everything about Clinton's campaign is completely rigged. They want the presidency so badly they are willing to lie, cheat, steal and bribe.

Donald Trump slams Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton on Twitter over stealing the primaries and Democrat's nomination for President of the United States
Wasserman-Schultz is another person disgraced and ruined over their association with Hillary Clinton's unlawful conduct (for further reference see: James Comey and the Loretta Lynch). Clinton quickly hired Wasserman-Schultz yesterday when the scandal broke and she was forced to step down. Neither Clinton or Wasserman-Schultz are fit to be in politics. They are both corrupt. It's a shame Sanders didn't get the nomination.

For weeks the Judiciary Report stated Clinton was rigging the election (Obama Administration Meddling In Election Trying To Give Hillary Clinton And His Party The Presidency). The disclosure of yesterday's emails proves it. The woman is evil. She's so smug about the corruption that has disgusted the populace. 

Stop smirking on television, you election rigging, hard up, callous, scheming, social climbing battleaxe. Have some shame about what you've done in stealing another person's destiny (Bernie Sanders). It's an evil thing to do to another human being. You're looking like Cruella Deville at podiums with that perma-smirk, clearly pleased with the chronic corruption. And it's ugly...very ugly. It's unattractive and disingenuous. Your role model is clearly Lucifer to stoop to such drastic lows in actively trying to steal an election. Hillary, your horns are showing.


Report: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz To Resign After Convention
24 Jul 2016 - DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz issued a statement Sunday saying she plans to resign after the Democratic National Convention concludes, according to reports. Wasserman-Schultz came under heavy fire after an enormous series of damaging leaks helped to reveal what many in the Democratic base suspected: She had rigged the primary for a Hillary Clinton win.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Served Class Action Lawsuit for Rigging Primaries

This is the first of many consequences the Democratic Party will face for manipulating millions of voters
06/30/16 11:30am - On June 28, the Miami-based law firm Beck & Lee filed a class action lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee and DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. “There are essentially six legal claims we are asserting in this lawsuit on behalf of the composed class members,” said attorney Jared Beck in a YouTube video announcing the lawsuit. “The first is a claim for fraud—against the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz—based on the revelations from the recent Guccifer 2.0 documents purportedly taken from the DNC’s own computer network.” The Guccifer 2.0 documents include internal memos in which the DNC broke legally binding neutrality agreements in the Democratic primaries by strategizing to make Hillary Clinton the nominee before a single vote was cast. 

The second claim filed is for negligent misrepresentation, a legal theory based on the first claim of fraud. The third claim alleges the DNC and Wasserman Schultz participated in deceptive conduct in claiming the DNC was neutral during the Democratic primaries, when there is overwhelming evidence suggesting favoritism of Clinton from the beginning. The fourth claim of the lawsuit seeks retribution of any monetary donations the DNC to Bernie Sanders‘ campaign. The fifth claim alleges the DNC broke its fiduciary duties during the Democratic primaries to members of the Democratic Party by not holding a fair election process. The sixth claim is for negligence on behalf of the DNC—for not protecting donor information—as hackers broke into the DNC networks, potentially compromising their personal information. 

“This lawsuit is our effort as attorneys to give a voice, in the political system, to all those who have been defrauded by the conduct of the DNC in supporting and promoting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in violation of its own charter which requires it to be neutral,” added attorney Jeff Beck. The class of representatives in the class action lawsuit is currently in the thousands and continuing to grow, as any donor to Bernie Sanders’ campaign eligible to join. The Beck & Lee Law Firm has set up a Facebook Page with updates on the progress of the lawsuit. 

Hillary Clinton won the Democratic Primaries in large part due to the manufactured public consent within the Democratic Party that she would be the presidential nominee before the primaries even started. Prior to the first state to hold an election in the primaries, over 400 super delegates formally supported Clinton. Clinton’s 2008 Campaign co-chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, did everything she could behind closed doors to ensure the 2016 primaries were not democratic, but rather a coronation for Clinton. 

“It is clearly the case that, when given truth serum, Debbie Wasserman Schultz vastly prefers Hillary Clinton to be the nominee—obviously—and to the extent that there are things that can be done institutionally and marginally to facilitate that outcome, they are being done,” said MSNBC host Chris Hayes this past May. 

Such favoritism for Clinton has extended throughout the Democratic Establishment. DNC vice chair Donna Brazile even foreshadowed the rigging in 2013, revealing in an interview with ABC News, “if Hillary Clinton gets in the race, there will be a coronation of her.”

The DNC’s overtly fraudulent conduct and disregard for democracy has incited calls for Wasserman Schultz to resign, but the reforms and consequences for their transgressions don’t start and stop there. Had the DNC not colluded with the Clinton Campaign to shield her from exposure, Clinton’s fate would have likely been similar to that of Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who fell from grace in a broad pool after once being presumed to come out on top as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee...

Bernie Sanders Campaign Chief Says Someone Must Be 'Accountable' for What DNC Emails Show
Jul 23, 2016, 4:38 PM ET - Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said his team was "disappointed" by the emails from the Democratic National Committee leaked through WikiLeaks, which seemed to reveal staff in the party working to support Hillary Clinton. "Someone does have to be held accountable," Weaver said during an interview with ABC News. "We spent 48 hours of public attention worrying about who in the [Donald] Trump campaign was going to be held responsible for the fact that some lines of Mrs. Obama's speech were taken by Mrs. Trump. Someone in the DNC needs to be held at least as accountable as the Trump campaign." 

Weaver said the emails showed misconduct at the highest level of the staff within the party and that he believed there would be more emails leaked, which would "reinforce" that the party had "its fingers on the scale." "Everybody is disappointed that much of what we felt was happening at the DNC was in fact happening, that you had in this case a clear example of the DNC taking sides and looking to place negative information into the political process. 

"We have an electoral process. The DNC, by its charter, is required to be neutral among the candidates. Clearly it was not," Weaver said, responding for the first time to the growing controversy. "We had obviously pointed that out in a number of instances prior to this, and these emails just bear that out." Another member of Sanders' staff, Rania Batrice put it this way: "Everything our fans have been saying -- and they were beaten down for and called conspiracy theorists -- and now it's in black and white."...


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