Sunday, July 10, 2016

Obama Administration Meddling In Election Trying To Give Hillary Clinton And His Party The Presidency

Who Are You To Override The Will Of The People

Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama
U.S. President, Barack Obama and his Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, are criminally meddling in the 2016 presidential election in attempts at getting nominee Hillary Clinton and their party, the Democrats, back into the White House. Rival Donald Trump has defied their expectations and Obama and company are resorting to illegal, dirty tactics to help Clinton win. 

Illegally obtained surveillance data and personal files relating to Donald Trump have been commissioned and handed over to Clinton. These files criminally violate Trump's privacy and give Clinton an unfair advantage. Obama is also using the government to spy on Trump's family to terrible degrees not permitted by the U.S. Constitution or U.S. Code.

There has been extensive voter fraud via Americans being disenfranchised at the polls, as Bernie Sanders, the main rival of Clinton, saw his name illegally left off ballots on two notable occasions. Votes were also tampered with in bids at getting Sanders out of the picture in the primaries to determine the Democrats' nominee. This is all very corrupt. 

To make matters worse, the Federal Bureau of Investigation are supposed to investigate voter fraud, but have been told to stand down by Obama. The FBI were too busy corrupting the investigation into Hillary Clinton's criminal mishandling of classified information during her tenure at the State Department, to actually ensure Americans had fair primaries free of disenfranchisement or to investigate the political entities engaging in voter fraud.

When you look back in U.S. history at the presidents who stole elections, you quickly come to the stunning conclusion things didn't turn out well for them. John F. Kennedy's dad, Joseph Kennedy, the originator of what the press calls "the Kennedy Curse" made his money through ruthless, illegal tactics, then bribed many voters by having his campaign staff give them $5 a piece at polling stations across America to vote for his son. John Kennedy's presidency was plagued with sex scandals and then he was assassinated.

Hillary Clinton

Decades later, George W. Bush instructed his brother, then Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, to throw tens of thousands of his rival's votes into the Everglades (swamp). When rival Al Gore challenged it in court, the Bush family called in a favor from a judge that was nominated to the Supreme Court during their father's tenure as Vice President. The Bush family corrupted the Supreme Court via Antonin Scalia, into stopping the recount and disallowing votes that had been illegally discarded in Florida. Scalia recently met with a mysterious and apparently violent end recently (found dead at a resort with no government security and a pillow over his face).

During Bush's reelection campaign against John Kerry, he engaged in more voter fraud via the Diebold tabulating company. A documentary details how a letter was found in the trash regarding Diebold informing Bush "we are committed to delivering Ohio to you" in the election...and they sure did in suspicious fashion, resulting in a highly questionable reelection. No voting tabulation company should show partiality to any candidate. It is corrupt. 

Bush has seen his life turn to crap to the point, he is sick and does not venture out much anymore, as most people hate him for the damage he did while in office. Bush waged illegal, oil driven wars in the Middle East and over 1,000,000 people died because of him. He has destroyed the lives of several million people in the Middle East, which gave rise to a breed of terrorism not seen before in modern times. These illegal wars cost the American taxpayer over $1 trillion dollars that is nothing but fruitless debt. 

Bush also poorly managed the U.S. economy, leading to an unprecedented financial crisis in 2008 that has not relented to this day. Bush is the most hated president in American history. There are nations of this world he cannot set foot in because he is so hated, they simply could not guarantee his safety. His children and entire family are also saddled with his horrible legacy that have made them social outcasts all over the world, as people firmly believe Bush belongs in the Hague for extensive war crimes.

In short, never steal another person's destiny, especially on such a grand scale. God will not bless it. Your life and that of your family will turn into a nightmare.