Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Madonna's Obsession With An Athlete Turns Illegal And Dangerous


People who read my site often, know I have been experiencing awful problems regarding deranged pop singer Madonna ripping off my copyrights, as she has done to many other people as well, but also paying private investigators and members of her equally sick cult the Kabbalah Center, to stalk, harass and threaten me and my family, in incidents witnessed by others and captured in pictures, among other means, as evidence. 

It resulted in me being interviewed by the FBI twice. 4-months after I gave the FBI my verbal testimony and legal documents regarding the criminal behavior of Madonna and her private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, the law enforcement agency used it to arrest and convict him. Pellicano is currently behind bars on a 15-year prison sentence. However, Madonna's behavior has grown much worse. 

Madonna has since hired other private investigators, such as Gavin DeBecker, whom she got sued in another case for spying on and criminally harassing an innocent man. Madonna is a deranged lunatic, who is completely and totally obsessive. Madonna is known to people in the entertainment industry as a person who is very mean spirited, vile, vengeful and obsessed. She is a complete and utter madwoman. She insanely becomes obsessed with someone and latches on like an disgusting leech. She also sticks her big nose in other people's business, in situations she doesn't belong.

Madonna has her hacker emailing me deranged messages from her. Madonna has also repeatedly sent Kabbalah Center members up to me when I go out in public, to relay sick and weird messages from her that I do not want to know or give a darn about. I do not like Madonna, never have, never will, but she is on some other planet and seeing and hearing what she wants to concerning me, regardless of the fact it is completely far removed from reality. 

Madonna and her Kabbalah Center cult have gone so far as to contact my friends and some of my family, using telephone numbers they gained via illegally wiretapping and phone hacking my mobile phone and landlines via private investigators. My friends and some of my family were illegally contacted by individuals at the Kabbalah Center, on Madonna's behalf, stating strange things and making some very sick requests of them regarding me. That's the definition of a stalker. 

Madonna has also sent members of the Kabbalah Center to threaten me over men who display an interest in me, as well as harassing men regarding me...and sometimes it's men I don't even personally know, who Madonna and the Kabbalah Center have insanely imagined things in scenarios that never happened, based solely on things they read on social networking. I find the whole thing sick and disgusting.

For example, I was trying to help an athlete with his career. Said athlete is 26-years-old. It was months before his professional debut. I did it out of the kindness of my heart, as I like to help people. I never asked him for anything at anytime. The only people I've accepted money from in my life are my parents. I'm not a money oriented person anyway and I've given a lot to charity over the years. 

The aforementioned athlete was somewhat known at the time, but not what you would call world famous or a household name. He certainly wasn't rich. He'd even make jokes on Twitter about being broke. He was living in a council flat with his mother. He seemed like a nice, humble person. He followed me on Twitter and I followed him back. We'd tweet stuff at each other. I genuinely wanted him to do well. 

When he'd ask his followers on Twitter a question, I'd sometimes respond if I had something helpful or useful to state. During the course of that, I realized he really was struggling with the money issue and not where he wanted to be. So, I tweeted things he could do to make money such as a film on his life (he was arrested for marijuana possession/dealing, but turned his life around via sports and stayed out of trouble - hey, people deserve a second chance), a clothing line, reality type show, several endorsements and a small investment home when earnings began. He did everyone of those things and made money from it. I was genuinely happy for him. I like to see when things turn out well for people. His followers on Twitter saw the tweets/convos back and forth and so did mine.  

I also saw where his sports technique could use a significant amount of improvement. He'd just started and was pretty green, as most are in his situation and as he is in a contact sport, that can be dangerous. As stated in the aforementioned lawsuit, I want to open a sports management and talent agency in the future, among other things. Not one to poach talent, as rapper Jay Z has done, ticking off the sports world in anger. I want to find undiscovered, unsigned talent and through my company invest in and develop their talent.

My dad was a professional athlete, then he coached football (soccer) and cricket for years and quite well. My dad is also a tennis and boxing fan. My dad met his favorite, Muhammad Ali, in the 1970s who inspired him to learn more about boxing. My dad knows a significant amount about tennis and boxing, as it relates to sports psychology and coaching/training. My dad has taught me a significant amount about sports and coaching over the years. I retained a lot of the information, as well as developed my own ideas on sports management and coaching. 

In an effort to help the aforementioned athlete, I began pointing out on Twitter where he could improve his sporting technique, what he needed to work on and how. I also sent him Mike Tyson's old diet and training program, which he had not seen before (the stuff Cus D'Amato had Tyson doing was intense, but it worked). Once again, his followers on Twitter saw the tweets/convos back and forth and so did mine. 

When the 26-year-old athlete's career started picking up, I tweeted at the person handling his career, stating they should make him a headliner on shows, as opposed to one of the other attractions on the bill. At the time they didn't think he could sell out shows as a headliner, but I did. So I tweeted twice at his promoter stating they should make him the headliner instead. Shortly after, they did just that and the tickets have quickly sold out ever since, proving my theory was right. This also meant he would get more money, which is what I wanted for him as well, as that was his goal. 

I even wrote articles about him on this site to my millions of readers, many of whom are in America, a place that didn't really know about him, as he is not based in the States. Once again, I was happy for him as his career was on the up. I never asked for anything from him at any point (which is a lot more than I can say for some of his lecherous friends whose hands are always out online and using his name to get things).  

Madonna crazily got mad at the whole thing and started sending Kabbalah Center members to harass me over said 26-year-old athlete. Keep in mind, I never met him, nothing was going on, but Madonna and her crazy cult started imagining things. Next thing I know, she and Jay Z started contacting said athlete and asking him and a few of his friends on Twitter, to tweet out certain items they sent. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt in that he did not know the exact origin of what he was tweeting (but as the phrase goes, that's up for debate). 

I was told by a trusted source that Madonna and Jay Z started making him all sorts of promises of what they would do for his career in America if he would tweet certain items and he did (but neither Madonna or Jay Z know squat about his sport). The items he began randomly tweeting that Madonna and Jay Z started sending him came directly from my private, time stamped emails that Madonna pays this idiotic hacker to criminally hack and forward to her. 

After I had given this athlete ideas for free to help him make money, ideas might I add that he used and made money, putting money in his pockets, Madonna and Jay Z in being nasty use him to take money out of my pockets, tweeting out items from my time stamped emails containing my preexisting, unpublished copyrights. I have saved copies of the emails, as well as the tweets Madonna and Jay Z had the athlete tweet out on Twitter (as well as those of the athlete's two friends, who are lower league footballers, who tweeted items from my private, time stamped emails containing my copyrights.

Madonna also began sending famous members of the Kabbalah Center to contact and circle him in public, which is ironic, as none of them gave a darn about him before when he was a struggling athlete. The Kabbalah members she sent are people who had previously stolen some of my copyrights in tandem with Madonna and the cult (among them are Jessie J and Rita Ora).

That mess couldn't have happened at a worst time, as I was just dealing with the death of one of my aunts, who passed away from cardiac arrest, in what was very traumatic for me and my family. Shortly after, I was also taking care of another aunt for 5 months, who has Parkinsons and it made me so sad to see the changes it had brought about, deteriorating her physical movement. Yet there were those idiots Madonna and Jay Z, being mean spirited, maliciously and disgusting, sending items from my personal emails/copyrights to an athlete I had helped, to tweet out online, without my permission, in trying to be nasty to me for no reason. What was Madonna and Jay Z doing in the middle of this. I wasn't talking to either one of them. However, it shows the sick extremes Madonna and company have gone to regarding me and it is very disturbing. 

Crazy, ignorant Madonna and Jay Z are currently giving said athlete some very bad advice, when they known nothing about the dangerous combat sport he is in and he could land in the hospital seriously injured or worse from the crazy bull they are advising him to do. Things are being staged, in what is dishonest, unfair to the fans and a massive risk to his career and health. A sports writer recently pointed out in April what I was told several months prior (last November) regarding this staging they've started doing regarding the athlete, which is a known pattern of behavior regarding Madonna and the Kabbalah Center - to rig and fake everything. However, not every opponent will go along with the rigging and it could end in him being seriously hurt and hospitalized. 

Madonna also convinced herself said athlete is in love with her (LOL) when he has made very negative comments about her to others. Madonna has also insanely convinced herself that I am in love with her (this is what her deranged Kabbalah Center members have told me in unwelcome conduct when they've stalked me in America) when Madonna disgusts me and I can't even stand the sight of her on television or online. Seriously, when she is on television, I change the channel. If I land on a site with her on the page, I go to another page or another site.

Needless to say, when the athlete started tweeting out items they sent him from my private time stamped emails containing my copyrights, I unfollowed him on Twitter. He got upset, but under the circumstances, who can blame me. When Kabbalah began circling him and sending him and a few of his friends VERBATIM items from my private time stamped emails/copyrights to tweet out on their Twitter pages, taking money out of my pocket, when I helped him for free, I backed away from that situation, wanting no part of it. 

So, to those of you asking and wondering about what happened concerning me and said athlete, that's what transpired. I didn't just abandon him. I'm not a fickle person. I'm a very reliable, trustworthy and faithful friend. However, I am not going to support someone who has betrayed me. I don't wish him any harm and I'm not trying to take any action against him, but I don't want any part of that situation. The whole thing was disgusting, unnecessary and made me not want to help anyone again.