Wednesday, July 27, 2016

‘Clinton Cash’ Documentary Exposes Hillary Clinton And Bill Clinton Going From Broke To $2 Billion Dollars In Bribe Money From Global Dictators And Businesspeople Stealing From The Poor And Harming The Environment (Video)

The Clintons Are Dangerous Greedy Criminals Pillaging The Assets And Natural Resources Of Africa, The Caribbean And South America While Defrauding The American Taxpayers Out Of Billions Of Dollars

For years the Judiciary Report has written about Hillary Clinton’s questionable, corrupt financial dealings (Hillary And Bill Have Made $109 Million and Bill Clinton And Hillary Clinton Accused Of Hiding Money As $50 Million Disappears and Clintons Accused Of More Shady Financial Dealings As Their Offshore Investment Fund Is Shutdown In Colombia ). A few years later, the FBI opened a case into the Clinton Foundation’s finances, due to questionable items that have been discovered. The Clinton Foundation is not so much about charity, even though it claims to be. It has been a vehicle to solicit the maximum amount of cash to fall back on and buy a presidential bid to get the Clintons back in the White House. 

Much of Clinton having illegally maintained a private email server and other accounts of that nature as Secretary of State, was to lay the foundation to extract money to live comfortably and buy the presidency. And make no mistake, the Clintons have been actively trying to buy their way into the presidency of the United States, bribing government official after government official to rig items and rollover if caught. 

Now a newly released documentary film “Clinton Cash” explores Hillary Clinton’s dirty financial dealings and it is drawing a significant amount of attention on social networking. “Clinton Cash” is based on the New York Times best seller of the same name and has exposed former U.S. President, Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary Clinton, a current presidential candidate, as corruptly amassing over $2 billion dollars via the Clinton Foundation charity, for questionable use. Only 10% of the $2 billion dollars raised has actually gone to charity and some of the entities that received the funds can barely be called charities (many of them are not).

The Clintons have been accepting bribe money from foreign dictators and businesspeople for favors in Washington. Under the guise of the Clinton Foundation, the Clintons partnered with businesspeople who are primarily in America, who seek to exploit the assets of foreign nations inhabited by minorities - blacks and Hispanics. Then, in exchange for political favors in the form of waivers and American taxpayer money in aid from Washington, foreign dictators and businesspeople gave the Clintons unfettered access to their nations' natural resources to mine them for profit (oil, gas, gold, diamonds, uranium, minerals ect).  

Hillary Clinton
During Hillary Clinton's time as Secretary of State, under President Barack Obama, she granted many suspicious waivers to foreign dictators and businesspeople in order for them to receive financial aid from the American taxpayers, while said dictators and businesspeople stole money from their own people and national assets. The suspicious waivers Clinton granted was to camouflage the wealth of the dictators and businesspeople, hiding it from Congress, while they steal money and resources from their own citizens and accept U.S. foreign aid as well. This way they collect double the money while their own people and the American taxpayers get burned. The Clintons are paid millions of dollars for facilitating the fraud.

The "Clinton Cash" documentary cites the Clinton Foundation corruptly stealing the oil wealth of the African nation Nigeria, leaving many Nigerians in poverty, not benefiting from their own natural resources. The "Clinton Cash" documentary also cites the Clinton Foundation as corruptly stealing the natural resources of the African nations Rwanda and Congo, among other countries.
The Clintons have also suspiciously solicited and received over $150,000,000 from giving speeches. No speech is that good. The speech money is in exchange for political favors from the Clintons, particularly Hillary Clinton, when she was Secretary of State. The speech money was outright bribes to the Clintons to use their U.S. government ties for unethical reasons.

In the aftermath of the massive Haitian earthquake, $13 billion dollars in funds were pledged from all over the world to rebuild Haiti. However, the "Clinton Cash" documentary reveals Haitians became upset when then U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton, who was appointed "Special Envoy to Haiti" spent the globally donated money in sinister and corrupt ways based in financial self-interest.

The documentary reveals, "The Haitians had their own ideas about how best to rebuild their country. They wanted their nation rebuilt. They wanted new roads, they wanted buildings rebuilt and that is what you would expect. That's how you recover from an earthquake. The problem is the Clintons had their own agenda. The interests of major donors who had invested interest in spending that money in Haiti in ways that would benefit them. And so immediately you had this clash between the Haitians and Clintons and Haitians complained almost immediately that they were shutout of the decision making process. That it was really Bill Clinton and a few of his friends that were calling the shots in the IHRC. And they made some monumentally bad decisions that not only didn't benefit the Haitian people, but ended up putting major money in the pockets of Clinton Foundation donors who had economic stakes in Haiti."  

Bill Clinton
A Haitian man in the documentary states on television in the island nation, "We are telling the world of the crimes Bill and Hillary Clinton are responsible for in Haiti." The Clintons used the suffering of the Haitian people to financially enrich themselves and their Clinton Foundation donors. 

VCS Gold Mining, also known as VCS Mining, received an unprecedented contract in Haiti after a waiver was granted due to Hillary Clinton. Immediately after the waiver was granted, Hillary Clinton's brother, Tony Rodham, joined the board of VCS Gold Mining. The Haitian people were exploited once again in their time of suffering. The Clintons are a greedy family of thieves.

To this day, Haiti has not been rebuilt. Charity donations from all over the world have been stolen by people outside Haiti who are connected to and in the Clinton Foundation. The Clintons have exploited and ripped off the Haitian people in their time of need after the earthquake and that is wicked and evil. Shame on you. That's disgusting. 

"Clinton Cash" sensationally exposes the Clintons as outright criminals
In another incident of corruption, Bill Clinton "took $2,000,000 in cash" from TD Bank for two speeches, in exchange for then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, "Signing off on the Keystone XL Pipeline." TD Bank is, "One of the largest shareholders in the Keystone XL Pipeline." Clinton reversed her position on climate change and the alleged environmental effects of the Keystone XL Pipeline for $2,000,000 in her family's bank account. This was a gross misuse of her former post as U.S. Secretary of State. 

The Clintons accepted $500,000 in campaign money from businessman Sant Chatwal, who owed the United States FDIC $14,000,000 in unpaid loans, which is American taxpayer money. After   $500,000 in campaign money to Hillary Clinton, she as Secretary of State, wiped away the majority of the debt, as Chatwal only had to pay $125,000 on a $14,000,000 debt, leaving the American taxpayers defrauded to the tune of $13, 875,000. He later pled guilty to illegally funneling $125,000 in campaign money to Hillary Clinton.

The Clintons are committing widespread charity fraud via accepting bribes and damaging the interests of the American taxpayers and poor minorities in Africa, South America and the Caribbean. The Clinton Foundation is a complete criminal outfit. The crooked Clintons indeed.

The Clintons are trying to attain global dominance in Illuminati type behavior, but are viewed by many as a crazy old couple who should be behind bars. The Clintons are nefariously trying to control the world's resources (oil, gas, gold, diamonds, uranium, minerals ect) through the thoroughly corrupt Clinton Foundation, whose assets need to be stripped by world governments and repatriated to their country of origin. The American taxpayers also need to be repaid for the massive fraud the Clintons have perpetrated against the U.S. treasury.


‘Clinton Cash’ Trends #1 on Facebook as Progressives Flock To, Promote Film
24 Jul 2016 - UPDATE: “Clinton Cash” is now the #1 Facebook trending topic — screenshot has been updated. linton Cash catapulted to the #2 trending topic on Facebook Sunday, in the wake of the global premiere of the motion picture adaptation of the New York Times best-selling book Clinton Cash authored by Government Accountability Institute President and Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer. 

Among the most impassioned supporters of the film were committed Bernie Sanders backers, who took to their respective Facebook accounts and prompted to them film to their followers. Among them were: Veterans for Bernie Sanders, which boasts 50,889 Facebook followers; Jill Stein–Rockin’ in the Green World and Bernie Sanders for President 2016 which tout 47,079 and 116,922 Facebook followers, respectively; and Bernie Sanders is My Hero which has 68,763 Facebook followers.

In all, more than 283,000 dyed-in-the-wool Bernie Sanders supporters helped push Clinton Cash to the top of Facebook’s trending topics list. As Breitbart News previously reported, more than 170,000 viewers, in just the first three hours, tuned in to watch the global premiere of Clinton Cash.

Following the film’s world premiere, reaction to Clinton Cash on social media was relentless. One Facebook commenter said Clinton Cash “shows the cesspool of corruption that the Clinton Foundation is.” Another Facebook commenter said, “Dear God. I thought I was done being shocked by the Clinton darkness. Thank you. Keep speaking out. Please.” Twitter user Chris Schey said, “Clinton Cash movie on youtube lays out theft by Clintons, who we trusted to act for America. Now we need to make it right. Put em away.”


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