Friday, July 1, 2016

Bill Clinton Slammed For Meeting With Attorney General Loretta Lynch While Wife Hillary Clinton Is Under Criminal Investigation (Video)

The mainstream press is slamming former U.S. President, Bill Clinton, for secretly meeting with Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, while the Department of Justice, which she manages, has his wife Hillary Clinton under criminal investigation via the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Clinton is under criminal investigation for illegally using a private, unprotected email server against government rules and U.S. laws, while working as Secretary of State.

The email server containing American national secrets, was accessed by hackers, among them individuals working for the communist bloc, who now have possession of Clinton's emails. Credible reports surfaced stating national secrets in Clinton's emails were also being sold on the black market for several hundred thousand dollars, by a non-government hacker greedy for money. Clinton showed herself to be lax and criminally negligent with national security, something that financially, socially and physically imperils a nation.

Clinton claims his 30-minute conversation with Lynch, which took place yesterday, was about his grandchildren, but most people are highly skeptical of his assertions. I for one do not believe that either. The meeting has a look of impropriety and corruption. Both Clinton and Lynch are lawyers and know better. 

Hillary Clinton

During Clinton's presidency, he was known for meeting with people in informal settings, while requesting they engage in unlawful conduct (see: Clinton's meeting with Vernon Jordan on a golf course, where he asked him in code to rollover during a criminal case, which was legal slang for taking a fall for someone's illegal conduct).

Adding to the corruption is Lynch's highly questionably decision issued yesterday as well, stating she will not release Hillary Clinton's emails for 27-months. The American voters deserve to have all the information possible in making a decision on who to vote for in the November 2016 U.S. presidential election. Many are stating Clinton's emails contains evidence of criminal behavior. The public already knows she broke the law via having a private email server unlawfully used to conduct official U.S. government business. 

Clinton's nickname has become "crooked Hillary" due to all the unlawful activity accurately attached to her name. The liberals in the Obama Administration are not covering for Mother Theresa. They are violating the law and their oaths of office to cover for a "crooked" woman with a long track record of lawlessness, via acts such as hiring private investigators like Anthony Pellicano, to engage in commissioned wiretapping, phone hacking, computer hacking, breaking an entry, harassment, bullying, stalking and the issuance of threats of violence. And ironically, she is a lawyer as well. Go figure. I don't understand how anyone can go through law school and do such illegal things.

Bill Clinton has been looking like death warmed over
Clinton also criminally spied on the United Nations in conduct that enraged member nations when the invasion of privacy was discovered. It created a scandal with people calling for Clinton's arrest. This seems to be a common theme in her political life - Clinton does something illegal and the public repeatedly calls for her arrest for breaking the law.

Clinton, whom authors, journalists and former employees have gone on record stating is bisexual, became obsessed with Argentina's former President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, to the point she devoted an inappropriate and unwarranted amount of resources at the CIA and NSA in spying on her every move. Clinton had Kirchner's computers, emails and mobile hacked by the CIA and NSA. Clinton had the CIA contacting people who know Kirchner and were prying for information. Clinton tried to illegally obtain Kirchner's medical records, which caused a scandal. There is something depraved about trying to read another person's medical records without permission.

Kirchner was duly elected. Argentina is a democratic country. They are a friend of America. There was no reason for Clinton to be spying on Kirchner in this manner. Clinton developed a lesbian obsession with a successful female politician, Kirchner, who ascended to the post of head of state of a prominent nation, which is what Hillary has been trying to do for many years. 

Loretta Lynch and Obama
Clinton still has private investigators spying on one of her most outspoken critics, Kathleen Wiley. She is being illegally spied on in terrible ways in conduct worthy of imprisonment. It is invasive, and vile illegally monitoring someone 24 hours a day and to such invasive degrees. All this spying Clinton has been doing is very questionable and unsettling. Anyone spying on people in this manner and to that degree has some form of mental illness. It's not natural. There's something wrong there. 

When I broke the phone hacking case and was interviewed by the FBI twice about it, I told the FBI what Pellicano had been doing to people. He was arrested for said crimes 4-months later. Hillary Clinton was the first person to give that mafia sleaze bucket a job illegally spying on and terrorizing people. Pellicano even broke into the home of one of Bill Clinton's former mistresses, Gennifer Flowers and trashed her place as a threat. That's the type of people Hillary Clinton consorts with. Pellicano also illegally wiretapped Flowers, went through her mail, followed her all over the place, then kept reporting every detail back to Hillary via illegal reports that contained wiretap transcripts, stolen letters, illegal videotapes and other unlawfully obtained items.  

I know for a fact there is concrete, time stamped evidence of Clinton receiving the hacked personal and business emails of private citizens, which she has and continues to illegally utilized in public settings, incriminating herself in criminal behavior. However, that is the arrogance that is Hillary Clinton. So confident in her arrogance is she, Clinton used a private server to conduct government business and didn't even bother to get anti-virus software or a firewall on the computer unit. She may as well have gift wrapped the emails and sent them to the communist bloc herself. 

Hillary Clinton, who is quietly dating Huma Abedin, was eyeing up Cristina Kirchner, a woman she had the CIA and NSA repeatedly spy on in weird ways

Due to Bill Clinton's connections, his wife has remained free after committing a laundry list of crimes that would have seen the everyday American thrown in jail for life. "Too big to jail" is the very thing that is greatly damaging America. "Too big to jail" caused the 2008 financial crisis that continues to this day, as high profile, greedy criminals have done the unthinkable to the nation, are not being held to account and continue to commit egregious crimes.
I don't care how much you like a person, anybody willing to make excuses in trying to justify illegal behavior lacks morals and decency. Right is right and wrong is wrong. You can't have one set of rules for rich people, then another for the poor. That makes you hypocrites and frauds of the highest order, who are unfit to run a government. You can tell a lot about a person by what they stand for and what they call right and wrong. If a person is willing to corrupt justice, twist the truth and make excuses for the inexcusable, they too have become corrupted and dishonest.


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