Friday, July 1, 2016

Trump And Trade: Donald Trump Lashing Out Against America's Trade Partners In The World

Donald Trump
Donald Trump has been railing against China, India, Mexico and the European Union, regarding their trade status with America, even though the aforementioned countries are good nations to do business with in the global marketplace. Trump keeps adding nations to his grievance list. Trump has also been complaining of Americans jobs being shipped abroad for lower wages in foreign nations, which aides U.S. companies in showing greater financial profits and lower costs (stock market). Even 30-years ago, Trump made an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show complaining about Japan and Kuwait, stating their trade deals with America are negative.

Donald Trump's hair and skin looked normal in this video. Why he's gone orange in the skin department is anyone's guess.

Trump's speech in slamming America's trade partners is inadvisable. It is not wise to unnecessarily make enemies out of trade partners (or anyone for that matter). The countries Trump has been slamming have not done anything harmful or out of the ordinary to America in the area of trade. However, some American companies have exported jobs abroad and are not being taxed correctly in America, which has been occurring under the previous and current presidential administrations. Rich companies have been given sizeable tax breaks.