Sunday, July 3, 2016

School In New York Teaches White Students That White People Are Born Racist

A young white girl gives a piece of birthday cake to her local garbage man, who is black, illustrating the innocence of a child on matters of race.

A school in New York has come under fire for teaching young students that white people are born racist. Teachers at the Bank Street School for Children in New York are engaging in inappropriate behavior by scolding young white students over their race, while singling out black pupils for special treatment. This is not the way to run a school. Students should be treated the same and taught we are all equal. 

To state white people are born racist is wrong. I do not think it is a fair or accurate characterization. It is a stereotype. There is definitely racism out there. However, there are many decent white people who are not racist. It is not fair to make such sweeping and negative generalizations about an entire race. No one is born negative and racist. We learn to make choices, good or bad, that define who we are as people.


Private Manhattan School Teaches White Kids They Are Born Racists

Jul. 1, 2016 10:56pm - Instructors at one private K-8 school in Manhattan are teaching their white students they are born racist, training them to feel guilty for benefiting from “white privilege,” while offering praise and benefits to their black counterparts. Administrators at the Bank Street School for Children on the Upper West Side told the New York Post it is their way of addressing discrimination, adding that many other private New York institutions are implementing similar practices, but many are pushing back against the method — including liberal parents.

The school of 430 students is separating white children from their black peers and putting them in classes where they are forced to feel horrible about their “whiteness.” At the same time, all the “kids of color” are put in other rooms where they are instructed to feel proud about their race and their pride is reinforced with treats and special privileges...