Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Two Women That Submitted Letters In Support Of Rapist Brock Turner Rescind Their Statements In Stanford Case

Brock Turner

Kelly Owens and Leslie Rasmussen sent character letters of support to court in favor of brutal rapist, Brock Turner, who was given a lenient 6-months in jail, rather than 6-years, causing public outrage in America. Rasmussen callously stated turner "is not a monster" and "there is absolutely no way Brock went out that night with rape on his mind." 

Beware of what you defend in life, as it could become a very poor reflection on you that destroys your name. People will define you buy it. Defending the indefensible never looks good on anyone. No one should be asking you to make excuses for the inexcusable. I don't care how much you are friends with someone or if you are a relative. Don't defend wrongdoing. People have to take responsibility for their actions.  

To put the cruelty and severity of Turner's crimes in perspective, he raped and had sex with a woman who was unconscious, after dragging her behind a dumpster. Turner penetrated her with his fingers and penis. The medical examiner revealed the rape victim had terrible internal vaginal bruising from Turner's fingers. Medical staff also found pine needles and debris from the dumpster inside the victim's vagina. The victim also had scratches, scrapes and bruises on her body. Her head and skin were rubbing against the ground causing damage as Turner raped her. The victim's hair was full of pine needles, which left scratches all over the back of her neck.  


'I made a mistake': Two women apologize for letters supporting Stanford rapist Brock Turner

Two women who penned letters defending former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner in court have rescinded their support, saying they didn’t realize the severity of his actions. Kelly Owens, a high school guidance counselor in Ohio, and Leslie Rasmussen, a friend of Turner’s, issued apologies Wednesday for making statements that they said have caused outrage. 

Rasmussen, a member of the band Good English, said she was one of at least 39 people who submitted character statements to Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky in support of Turner, who was convicted in March of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster on campus. 

“I had no right to make any assumptions about the situation,” she wrote on Facebook. “Most importantly, I did not acknowledge strongly enough the severity of Brock’s crime and the suffering and pain that his victim endured, and for that lack of acknowledgement, I am deeply sorry.”In her letter, Rasmussen said Turner was not “a monster,” writing that “there is absolutely no way Brock went out that night with rape on his mind.” 

Rasmussen said she understood the outrage over her statement and Turner’s sentencing. “I can only say that I am committed to learning from this mistake,” she said. “I am 20 years old, and it has never been more clear to me that I still have much to learn.” In her letter to Persky, Owens described Turner as “truly an exceptional person/student,” who was “never boastful or arrogant,” but rather a favorite among his teachers and peers. Owens, who works at Oakwood High School in Ohio, said the verdict broke her heart, saying that Turner was “absolutely undeserving of the outcome.” ...