Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Blame The Victim Mentality Surfaces In The Stanford Rape Case

Brock Turner
The case of, Brock Turner, the Stanford university student convicted in a court of law of raping an unconscious woman, has again brought to the forefront the "blame the victim" mentality some people possess. Turner blamed the "party culture" for him viciously raping an unconscious woman. He publicly blamed the victim over the loss of two jobs he held, having been fired over the rape. Everything was about him. 

Never mind the horrible damage he inflicted on an innocent young woman, who is devastated and suffering. In his eyes he is the victim having lost his jobs and having the press and public negatively write about his criminal behavior. To read that Turner's father referred to the rape as "20 minutes of action" shows a gross lack of conscience in that family. That's a twisted statement to make.

Brock Turner mug shot
 Too often in the U.S. court and justice system, victims of crime are treated like criminals. The attitude among a few unbalanced people is that Turner deserved to be rape, after getting drunk at a party. Let's be clear, there's something wrong with you in the head, if you can't pass up the chance to rape someone who is sleeping or passed out. No one deserves to be raped.

Making excuses for people who have committed very harmful crimes is appalling. In doing so, one casts aspersions on the innocent, via piling illogical condemnation upon victims who have already been harmed. In doing so, you victimize them all over again. There is something mentally wrong with that. The "blame the victim" mentality is an embarrassment and disgrace. Those with that mindset need to get a hold of themselves and stop behaving in such an uncouth manner. It's not a good look.