Saturday, June 11, 2016

Public Demands U.S. Judge On Stanford Rape Case Be Removed From Office For Giving Rapist Lenient 6-Months In Jail

Brock Turner
Judge Aaron Persky, is a corrupt judge, who is the source of outrage in America, for giving rapist, Brock Turner, only 6-months in jail, well below the sentencing guidelines and the 6-years in prison prosecutors demanded. Judge Persky is a Stanford alumni, the university Turner attends, which many Americans believe is how corruption crept into the case. Judge Pesky showed special treatment to a student from his alma mater during sentencing, which is inappropriate. 

In America, rapists are often given 5-15 years in jail. Therefore, giving Turner 6-months for raping an unconscious woman, looks very suspect and is a miscarriage of justice. A group of men saw Turner forcefully penetrating the victim and told him to stop, which caused Turner to flee the scene. One of the men who went after Turner stated of the victim, "She was unconscious. The entire time. I checked her and she didn't move at all."

Judge Aaron Persky
A petition has been launched to have Judge Persky removed from the bench. Over 100,000 people have signed the petition. Perksy has a history of questionable behavior from the bench. A report stated he allowed "revealing photos of a gang-rape victim" into court record. The disgraceful and ugly implication is she was a slut who deserved to be raped.

A new report indicates jurors are refusing to serve under Judge Persky branding him corrupt. It has been revealed over 20 jurors have refused to serve under Judge Persky, due to his corrupt decision in the Brock Turner case. Judge Persky is disrupting the function of the court in behavior that has and will further to hold up cases. As such, Judge Persky should be removed.