Friday, June 3, 2016

Mariah Carey Marrying Billionaire But Will He Get A Prenup

Mariah Carey first shot to fame in the early 1990s after having an affair with millionaire music executive, Tommy Mottola. Carey married the older former manager turned music CEO, after he gave her a record deal in exchange for their sexual affair that began when she was 18-years-old and tore his family apart. The marriage financially enriched Carey, but ended in divorce after a few short years. Mottola has been trying to get revenge ever since.

Carey, 47, is now engaged to another older billionaire, Australia's James Packer, 48. Packer's net work is assessed at $5 billion dollars. The question is, did Packer ask Carey to sign a prenup. There are wildly exaggerated estimates online stating Carey is worth $500,000,000. However, Carey's net worth is closer to $100,000,000 and it is dependent on certain factors. Carey spends lavishly on private jets, mansions, sports cars, designer clothes and diamond jewelry. Carey has not had a hit in a decade. Therefore, she turned to a Las Vegas residency to bring in money, but has missed a few show dates and is struggling with average attendance and bad reviews.

Mariah Carey and James Packer
Packer has a lot to lose if he marries Carey and the marriage implodes. Do I think the marriage would last? No. I get the distinct feeling trouble and disaster are coming. Carey is quite the character, who constantly makes outrageously excessive demands and unreasonable requests of people, she expects those around her to immediately fulfill or she acts like a spiteful child. An intelligent businessman is not going to put up with that for long. Carey is trying to hold the crazy in until they get married. Then the real Mariah will come out. Just ask Nick Cannon, who headed for the hills citing her crazy behavior.

Packer was a Scientologist, having become involved with the sect at the insistence of Tom Cruise. Packer was the richest Scientologist in the world. Packer reportedly left the Hollywood cult in 2008. Now he's engaged to Carey, who is in the worst Hollywood cult, Kabbalah. Hollywood cults have a tendency of preying on very wealthy people or those with massive assets, to get their money and property, while usurping their influence and so-called power.