Friday, June 3, 2016

Republicans Still Trying To Oust Donald Trump Despite The Fact He Clinched The Nomination For President Of The United States

Donald Trump

Democrats from U.S. President Barack Obama to voters in the primaries are shocked that Republican, Donald Trump, has become the candidate for his political party. Polarizing, divisive Trump, has accumulated the necessary amount of delegates to become the official candidate for the Republicans. It was an easy and clear win. However, Democrats are still battling it out to determine their candidate, with Hillary Clinton holding a lead over more suitable politician, Bernie Sanders.

Under normal circumstances the management of the Republican party would be thrilled their candidate has been quickly determined, while the Democrats are experiencing infighting and turmoil in attempting to select their nominee. But not so. Republican party officials are still trying to oust Trump due to the incendiary, racist things he has publicly stated creating enemies worldwide.

Hillary Clinton

At the end of the day, Republican voters chose Trump and in a democracy, you honor the will of the people. Trump has been trying to make peace with Hispanics, after racist, cruel and defamatory statements he made about Mexicans. If Trump can secure the sizeable Hispanic vote (and he is kissing up and running ads geared at Hispanics) the Democrats are in trouble.

Trump is feverishly courting the white male vote (who are the majority of the voting block in America). Trump is also using subtly sexist statements in appealing to men to reject Clinton as a possible president, painting her as a woman who is too weak, careless, confused and flustered to run the country, due to her national security failures in the State Department email hacking scandal and Benghazi. Make no mistake, Trump is trying to win the presidency and is becoming more calculating as the process moves on.