Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Lebron James' Wife Wanted Him To Leave Miami Over Women But Problems Have Cropped Up Elsewhere

Lebron James and Savannah James

Savannah James, the wife of former Miami Heat and current Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player, Lebrom James, wanted to leave Miami, Florida, due to the women on South Beach preying on rich and famous men. It is understandable that she would want to protect her marriage. However, some women are shameless and will track a man down wherever he may be.

Rihanna posted this sexually suggestive photo on Instagram and tagged Lebron James in it

Case in point, a groupie that a radio station referred to as a stripper with an Instagram page, Roni Rose, was wearing a revealing outfit and lustful staring at Golden State Warrior basketball star, Steph Curry, who is married with two children. It became a massive joke on Twitter, as people on social networking slammed Rose's conduct calling her names such as "devil" "demon" "hoe" and "jackass" among other unsavory insults. People are also saying she looks "transgender."

Groupie Roni Rose lusting after Steph Curry

Some wondered out loud how she could afford such expensive basketball tickets and started to imply a Golden State Warrior had given her the ticket. However, she is a stripper and there is no evidence in the public domain to suggest she even knows Curry. Nonetheless, her behavior was wrong, as the man is married. Some women don't care and it's foul, because if the same thing was done to them they would be furious. To make matters worse, Rose is the mother to a young daughter, who will get teased by other kids in school over her behavior at the game.

People on Instagram are calling Roni Rose "transgender" but I think she is a biological woman

Another case in point, so-called singer, Rihanna, has repeatedly lusted after Lebron and made public statements implying something sexual is going on between them. Rihanna's conduct is foul, low class and highly disrespectful to his wife. Some women have no respect or decency and that's a general rule in different countries of the world. Some people have no conscience and others reason away what is destructive conduct. At the end of the day, you reap what you sow. You put bad out there in damaging and or destroying people's marriages and guess who it is coming back to...


This Bay Area Stripper Teased TF Out of Steph Curry Last Night! (VIDEO)

Posted June 6th, 2016 @ 5:48am - Where's Ayesha with her spatula to SWAT this model for daring to tempt her man like this?!.. LMAO! This instagram model/ exotic dancer's name is Roni Rose and she's been to EVERY home game since the playoffs!