Friday, June 24, 2016

DNA Test Proves Inmate Is Not Prince’s Son


This is a follow up to the May 10, 2016 Judiciary Report article "Over 700 People Have Come Forward Claiming To Be Related To Or The Mother Of The Children Of The Late Singer Prince" where the site wrote, “Prince did not father children by many women nor is he related to half the planet (his former wife Mayte Garcia gave birth to a babies that died within a week and then miscarried a second child). An overwhelming majority of the people coming forward with these claims have never even met Prince. These claims are costly and outrageous. Lawyers for Prince's estate and the administrator need to put their foot down, via making it plainly clear, if anyone files a fraudulent claim, they will be arrested and prosecuted. If they fail to get serious regarding these fraudulent claims, the estate will lose millions of dollars in trying to sort out baseless paternity and DNA claims.”

This week mainstream reports indicate DNA tests have now conclusively proven Carlin Q. Williams is not Prince’s son. I could have told you that for free. Actually I did. Never mind the amount of publicity this man was given for making up a story at a terrible time for Prince’s family. People needn’t make up stories about being the offspring of deceased people that were wealthy, in order to inherit the assets they leave behind. It is very unethical. You don’t know how hard people work for their money and to assume you should con rightful heirs out of it is not right. Additionally, do not intrude on the grieving process for the bereaved.