Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Public Slams Rihanna Over Suggestive Open Legs Post On Instagram To Married Basketball Player Lebron James

Rihanna posted this sexually suggestive photo on Instagram and tagged Lebron James in it. She'll know when Lebron's wife slaps the taste out of her mouth.
 Rihanna continues to show she has no class and was poorly raised by her parents. The so-called singer, who sounds like a sheep being tased, posted a suggestive photo on Instagram, tagging NBA basketball superstar, Lebron James, who is married. In the photo, Rihanna poses in a bikini with her legs open and Lebron's jersey number on her stomach in whip cream. 

People online reacted very badly to the post labeling it disrespectful to Lebron's wife, Savannah James. The whole thing is foul. It's not a good look on Rihanna. Her pimp, rapper Jay Z needs to tell her to stop engaging in this flagrant behavior regarding a married man. Lebron needs to tell her to stop as well. It does not endear the public to her, especially women, who will simply stop buying her products. Women are not inclined to support homewreckers. 

Lebron James, Savannah James and their children
Lebron and Rihanna have been carrying on an affair for years and it is going to bring bad things into both their lives. Previously, the Judiciary Report, wrote about public incidents of Rihanna acting in an inappropriate manner regarding Lebron that caused raised brows among the press and on social networking (Rumors Swirl That Lebron James Is Having An Extramarital Affair With Rihanna Due To Her Brazen Behavior Courtside And Outside The Cavaliers Locker Room Before And After Boarding His Private Jet). 

Rihanna keeps behaving like trash. Rihanna and fellow Roc Nation singer, Rita Ora, have constantly cheated with married rapper, Jay Z, who owns the questionable company. Jay Z keeps pimping them out like sex slaves to high profile entertainers, athletes and industry executives for the furtherance of his career, Roc Nation and their careers as singers as well. They've been told they owe him for making them famous.

Rihanna and Rita Ora
Rihanna and Rita Ora are the type of idiotic women who revel in being homewreckers and damaging people's relationships. They find a strange form of validation in doing so, even though these men would not leave their wives for them, branding them disposable sex objects only good for one thing. It's hypocritical the jealous manner in which Rihanna used to behave over the love of her life, Chris Brown, flying into a rage over other women flirting with him, especially famous ones, but is engaging in this type of behavior at the expense of Lebron's wife.