Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Obama Criminally Targeting The Guardian Newspaper In London With No Legal Mandate Or Jurisdictional Right

Barack Obama

U.S. President, Barack Obama, has been illegally operating in Britain, targeting employees of the Guardian Newspaper, among other people, over exposés they published regarding the crimes he has been committing from office in the United States. Obama has criminally sent the FBI and CIA into Britain, to illegally engage in vindictive, adverse conduct against employees of the Guardian Newspaper, having no legal mandate to do so. 

The Obama Administration has been criminally spying on employees of the Guardian, viciously targeting them and their families for harassment and "neutralization" constituting criminal violations of British and international law. Meddlesome, imperialistic Obama has violated his oath of office in America in doing so, in conduct that brought harm to Britons.

Obama is criminally abusing and spying on Britons and his behavior that is completely criminal and disgusting in this regard. It's called Great Britain, not Great Barack and there's nothing great about your behavior Obama. Get out of their country and stop behaving like a criminal. It is very unbecoming to do such things. Exactly who do you think you are to be engaging in this illegality and arrogance. It's bad enough when you abuse American journalists in the United States, but attacking foreign writers over their right to free speech is despicable as well and even more illegal due to jurisdictional issues. 

Failing to think ahead beyond one's time in office is a weak point of some heads of state. Some arrogantly and recklessly engage in egregious behavior in office, not thinking ahead to a time they will no longer be in charge. The Obama name is so muddied all over the world due to his behavior in a number of international countries, it is passing on a terrible legacy to his family members, who will have to live with that name and the negative sentiments now attached to it. People do and further will remember the abuses Obama has committed against innocent people in America and the world and associate it with his family.