Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gallup Poll Reveals An Overwhelming Majority Of Americans Want ObamaCare Repealed

Barack Obama
A Gallup poll survey revealed a majority of Americans support the repeal of ObamaCare, the faulty healthcare system rammed through Congress by U.S. President Barack Obama, without most lawmakers and Department of Justice employees even reading it (10,000 pages worth of legislation). That set a terrible precedent. ObamaCare is deeply flawed and faulty. 

ObamaCare is literally killing people, as hospitals refuse to do medical imaging and perform surgeries they deem they will not be paid for under the President's health plan. Hospitals are also tossing out patients early after major heart surgery, complications arise and they die in preventable tragedies. Doctors offices are turning away patients, as they are not being properly paid under ObamaCare. 

Transportation services for patients in America has become terrible under ObamaCare. Health insurance companies under financial strain from ObamaCare, are not guarantying rides to medical offices and hospitals, leaving patients getting ready early in the morning and stranded without transportation to see physicians for vital appointments necessary to their health.

The Judiciary Report has maintained from the start that America needs a healthcare system, but ObamaCare is not it. ObamaCare is dangerous and costing people in America their lives. Something needs to be done, as it is wrecking health care in America. The Judiciary Report gave suggestions in the past on how to improve health care in America, but the government is going in the wrong direction (Can ObamaCare Work). 


Gallup: Majority Supports Obamacare Repeal, Imposition of Socialized System

Posted: May 17, 2016 10:31 AM - Let's start with the good news for Obamacare opponents -- which, sadly, entails yet more bad news for American consumers, as the law continues to fail, disappoint and disintegrate before our very eyes. (1) With enrollment projections being revised sharply downward nationwide -- due in large measure to lack of affordability -- defenders of the law are stuck cheering on grim statistics like this one: 

The Maryland Health Connection is the state's Obamacare Marketplace. Monday, an agency press release noted that Maryland "has cut by 40 percent the number of Marylanders who were eligible for private insurance coverage when the state marketplace began three years ago." However, the breakdown of that statistic reveals that only 165,000 out of more than one million sign-ups are non-Medicaid enrollments. When the exchange opened three years ago, an estimated 405,000 people were eligible for private coverage. Three years later, that number has fallen to 240,000. But the press release notes that including Medicaid over one million have been enrolled in through the Maryland Health Connection. This puts the number of Medicaid sign-ups around 83 to 84 percent and private coverage around only 16 to 17 percent. 

The overwhelming majority of Obamacare enrollees in this state, whose exchange imploded in epic fashion, are signed up through the law's enlargement of Medicaid. That program was already faltering prior to its unsustainable, unaffordable expansion, badly failing the truly indigent, at breathtaking expense to taxpayers. (2) As we've been reporting, large rate increases are expected again in 2017, which will come in addition to chronically rising out-of-pocket costs. Many of the new premium hikes will be announced just prior to the November election. How might this news play in one key swing state?...